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Eat To Erase Your Wrinkles

Eating to look younger was perhaps popularized by Dr. Perricone in his book “The Wrinkle Cure”. The reason could be that his book gave a different twist to the theory of anti-aging foods and how certain foods, by eating them, can cause cellular inflammation and therefore aging. I have used this and many other basic [...]

Five Tips To Feel Sexy In Your Own Skin

Everybody talks about doing things to feel sexy. What most people fail to understand is that feeling sexy it’s not just about what you put on, it’s all about self-awareness. Yes, this may seem a hard concept to swallow but once you get the hang of it and start feeling good about yourself, everyone around [...]

Simple Tips for Removing Dark Circles

Face, if pretty makes you look pretty. If it is not maintained well, and good care isn’t taken, then it is obvious that you will have pimples and dark circles under your eyes. Proper care should be taken if you want to look beautiful and want that everybody would complement you, about your glowing face [...]

Natural Face Packs for Oily Skin

Women always love to look beautiful and pretty. They would do everything which is possible to make their skin glow. There are different types of skin and so the procedure which should be followed in order to get best results for the skin, would differ accordingly. Oily skin, dry skin, normal skin and combination skin [...]

Tips on getting a Foot Massage

Women do lots of things in just one day. They run from here and there to finish their work. In doing so, the condition of feet gets worsened. It is necessary that feet should be taken care of as they help a lot in getting the work done. The skin of feet gets dried up [...]

10 Tips for Maintaining the Beauty of Your Hands

When you want to look more beautiful then the beauty of the hands is also an important thing to be considered. You should take proper care of your hands, fingers to make hands beautiful. Beautiful hands are essential if you want to wear sleeveless tops, tube tops, halter neck tops and t-shirts with small strips. [...]

Artificial Tanning and Its Methods

Sun tanning method is in much demand in many countries. It is in demand because of the golden or bronze color result of the skin. Summer is good time for natural tanning and so when it arrives, women relax at the beach. They sit under the sun and let the UV rays affect the skin [...]

Doing Facial at Home

A facial at saloon or spa once in a month is a boon for the skin. The skin becomes clean, clear and glows, but going to spa for facials is expensive. Therefore, why not try doing the facial at home. Doing the facial at home is easy and less expensive than getting it done at [...]

Home Remedies for SunBurn

As we all know sun’s ultra violet rays are very harmful for our skin. They cause freckles, sun spots, sun tan and sunburn that damage our skin makes it dull, blackish and rough. Sunburn is a result of overexposure of sun’s UV rays. Sometime it is very painful. Actually sun rays kills the living skin [...]

Tips on Getting Fair Skin Complexion

Every woman is different and they do have different skin tones. Some women long for a fairer skin tone while some women wish that their skin was bit more tanned. Mostly it depends on the type of environment and the type of genes that you have. Like in a hot country you won’t have to [...]