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How To Dye Your Hair In Two Colors

Coloring the hair has become one of the coolest trends these days. Many women and girls are going for this cool trend. They either go for permanent dying of the hair or go for highlights. It is their choice whether they are color their whole hair or color some of the portion. But lately one [...]

Tips on Making Hair Thick

Thin hair doesn’t look good and would also not allow you to experiment with different hairstyles. Thin hair would break easily thus resulting in hair loss. No new trendy and latest things like coloring and highlighting can be done on thin hair. Thus, thin hair damages your beauty and can make you look unattractive. So, [...]

How to Choose Color for Your Hair

Coloring the hair can change your look. You can look beautiful and gorgeous by dying or highlighting your hair. But there are few points which should be kept in mind while choosing to color your hair. Firstly you should decide whether you want temporary color which remains for 2-4 weeks or semi-permanent color which remains [...]

Different Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Hairstyles matter a lot in making one look more beautiful and attractive. There are lots of hairstyles which can be experimented to look stylish. These days celebrities too are changing their look by just changing their hairstyle. For getting a new and refreshed look one can change the hairstyle and look different from usual. There [...]

How To Deal With Split Ends

Hair should be maintained a lot if you want to look beautiful. Frizzy and damaged hair would make you appear unattractive as they are very hard to be styled and as also damaged hair looks unappealing look wise too. If you have split ends along with damaged hair or just have split ends then they [...]

Home Remedies for Treating Oily Hair

Oily hair is like a curse for most of the women having it. It just spoils their image and makes them look unattractive. They try and hide their hair wherever possible and trying out different hairstyles can not be afforded by them. The extra oil secretion is not good and it only destroys all good [...]

Home Remedies for Dry Hair

Dry hair looks very bad and makes one look unattractive. Also they are important as they too help out in making one look gorgeous and stylish. Straight hair or curly hair, dry hair or oily hair, every type should be taken care. There are certain methods which work well for oily hair but don’t work [...]

Hairstyles for School Going Girls

School girls look very simple and decent when appearance matters. They are not allowed to put on heavy makeup or wear clothes which are not appropriate according to their age. Also, when it comes to hairstyles they should keep them simple. They should look such that innocence is depicted from their appearance.

Hair Care Tips for Summer

Taking proper care for the hair is important as hair can make you look beautiful and gorgeous. You will be able to style your hair differently if the condition of your hair is maintained. Frizzes, split ends, rough hair can be results of not taking proper care. In summer season, due to heat hair get [...]

Curling Hair with Rollers

Curls are what most of the women with straight hair desire for. These days curly/wavy hair is much in demand as most of the women and even celebrities and models are going for this latest trend. There are many options for hairstyles with curly hair, but women like to show off their curls by keeping [...]