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Basic tips on hair care

Your hair does play an important role in your beauty. Beautiful hair can totally change your personality so every woman wants to make her hair soft, shiny and silky. Hair is the most exposed part of our body, because of that reason they are very easily ruin able with dust and sun. UV rays are [...]

Hair style for different group of age

Hair style is an essential part of your overall beauty. For teenagers any hair style goes around. Don’t worry too much about your hair style but pay proper attention towards the style that suits your body. There are many deciding factors that are involved when choosing the right hair style like hair texture, hair type [...]

Right type of hairstyle according to your hair length

Women always want to look glamorous and beautiful. Hair plays an essential role in any women’s beauty. With beautiful hair and hairstyle you can add charm in your beauty.

Doing it yourself Prom Hairstyle

First of all straighten up your hair before doing any styling. It will make the styling much more easier.