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5 Simple Summer Makeup Tips

Who doesn’t love summer? It’s the perfect time to kick back and relax on the beach or to go out for a night on the town. Wherever you go, you obviously want to look and feel your best. Unfortunately, summer can have a way of drying you out and making your makeup melt. Here are [...]

Makeup Tips to Look Good in Photographs

Every woman would want to dress in such a way that she looks beautiful at her best. She would choose the dresses and makeup colors in such a fashion that even the best woman would feel jealous about her. Yet sometimes what we appear in real is not what we would like to appear in [...]

How to Wear Pink Lipstick

Bold colors are very-in these days. Whether you use bold colors in your makeup or in clothes, most of the women prefer bold colors. Among bold colors for makeup, pink, red, green and blue have become hot favorite for many makeup artists. Many celebrities, models are wearing these colors in their makeup and they do [...]

Wearing Red, Luscious Lipstick

Every woman would do a new thing which would make her look beautiful. There are lots of ways which are experimented by women and they look more stylish and gorgeous. But wearing makeup is one thing which no women can avoid. There are many makeup looks but among them the one with red lips as [...]

Hiding Beauty Flaws With The Help Of Makeup

Flawless beautiful face is not given to all. Only few women have flawless beauty and others have to work on with the techniques to look like them. In this modern world many techniques are available which can make you look gorgeous. Like by doing facial surgery or other operations or by using makeup. Makeup is [...]

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup is applied by most of the women as they think they will appear more beautiful by applying makeup. And they are not wrong if they think like this. But makeup has to be applied correctly to appear beautiful and gorgeous. Generally, makeup is applied with the use of makeup brushes. So, it has to [...]

How to Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes

Most of the women apply makeup to look more beautiful. It has become a habitual task which has to be done whenever going out of the house. Without makeup they think, they don’t look beautiful and so no one would be impressed by them. They would do makeup every time when there is any party [...]

Tips for Wedding Makeup

On a wedding day, the bride always wants to look beautiful. It is the most important day for the bride. So she will want that everyone should just love her and her beauty. She would want everything to be perfect on that day. Her wedding dress, accessories and sandals should match and should enhance her [...]

Makeup Tips for Blondes

Are you a blonde? Are you facing problems with choosing makeup items? Are you confused which color to choose and which to not? Now you need not to worry about these or any other question you have. This article is especially for blondes and will help you out with makeup and beauty queries.

Makeup Tips for Women with Oily Skin

Oily skinned women face many challenges when applying makeup on their skin. They have to take care of the cosmetic products they choose. They have to make sure that all the products they choose would help them maintain the oil content of the skin and won’t increase it. If you are one of them and [...]