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Makeup Tips for Redheads

Having red color hair is unique in one way. Percentage wise, only a very few people all over the world have natural red-hair. In olden days, having natural red hair was a sign of being a witch. While in modern times, the people who don’t have red hair do go to the salon for getting [...]

Getting the Nude Lips Look

Makeup is used to make the face look prettier and you more gorgeous. Different makeup products like foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, lip liner and some more are used to make you more beautiful. These days a new look has set a trend and it is followed by many women. The trend setter [...]

Makeup Tips for a Job Interview

Now-a-days women live their life independently. They do job, manage home, party with their friends and remain happy. Some women like to change the job if they are not comfortable doing that or some are like they haven’t started yet doing job but are searching for a job. If you are one of the latter [...]

Makeup Tips for Brunettes

Dark colored hair defines the beauty of brunettes. Brunettes stand out as different due to their hair color. It is an important factor as it matters a lot when choosing colors for makeup or clothes. Many a times wrong colors are chosen for these things and thus it leads to a bad look. So the [...]

Common Makeup Blunders that Should be Avioded

Makeup on the face is applied in order to look more beautiful and to hide out some flaws if any. Makeup should be done in an appropriate manner. It should not be too loud nor too dull. The colors chosen should suit your face and the shades should complement your skin tone too. The overall [...]

Makeup Tips for Getting a Party Look

Every woman goes to some party or the other and over there she wants to look her best. For this she will buy new and expensive clothes, accessories and sandals. She will make sure before hand that everything is all right and perfect as she wants it to be. When she is already dressing up [...]

How to Apply Mascara

Makeup is applied to make a woman look more beautiful. Foundation, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, concealer, mascara, eye liner and lip liner are the makeup products which are used. Everything should be applied with proper care so that face doesn’t look like a mask. Choose the makeup products which suits your skin type. In order [...]

Applying Makeup to Look Like Geisha

It is a very tricky task to look like a geisha. From clothes to makeup and to hairstyle, everything has to be perfect. The most important thing to consider while applying makeup is the white color on the face. First thing to do for starting makeup is applying wax or oil on the face. This [...]

Getting an Arabic Eye Look

Eye makeup is one of the important things which should be done correctly to ensure that you look gorgeous. You can choose a simple, light and bright eye shadow for your eyes. Or you can choose dark colors for eye shadow. The main thing is to make sure that the makeup products blend perfectly with [...]

Makeup Foundations and its Types

Women choose to apply makeup so that they look more beautiful. They want to look gorgeous and to be center of attraction. For flawless makeup, every makeup product should be chosen carefully. Everything which suits the skin and which looks good should be chosen. Foundation is the base of makeup and should be applied with [...]