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Organic makeup

Organic makeup is a good option for your skin because it contains plant materials and natural minerals found from the surface of earth. It does not contain any synthetic color, chemicals and artificial scent which are harmful for your skin. Organic makeup is very skin friendly and is helpful to enhance your skin’s beauty without [...]

Using eyelashes

Beautiful eyelashes can enhance your eyes beauty and make them look bigger. If you have naturally big eye lashes than you can enhance their beauty by applying eye makeup. If you have small or less eyelashes don’t worry you can make them appear bigger by using fake eyelashes. Before using false eyelashes it is necessary [...]

How to buy great cosmetics at cheaper rates

Every girl wants to look beautiful. To achieve the best look she might take the help of cosmetics, but sometime cosmetics are over their normal budget meant to be spent on the beauty products. In this kind of situation one can be a smart shopper and get the best deals out there which would fit [...]

How to use Makeup Brushes

When applying makeup for any occasion or even just like that you should take care of some basic tips that would help you to get the best makeup done as well as provide the most hygienic way of applying the makeup. Applying makeup can be easy and could look professional with perfectly selected brushes. Applying [...]

10 tips on applying the perfect makeup

Applying makeup is an art and some people have mastered it. There are professional makeup artists who can drastically change your overall outlook. Buying services of a professional makeup artists are sometimes costly. Therefore you can keep some basic tips in your mind to get the best out of your makeup.

Makeup for Prom

When you are applying makeup, the very first thing you want is to remove old makeup or dirt. You can use face mask the night before so you feel extra refreshed before the big evening. Aviod stress and also during getting ready for the event keep your calm. Clean your face and apply an even [...]