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Latest Girls

Women’s top

Whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual, women tops are suitable for both. They are very popular and fashionable type of clothing that come in many different styles and patterns. A top when paired with jeans, skirts, cargo, leggings or shorts would give you a great look. They are available in attractive designs and several different colors. Each top is unique in itself according to its style and pattern.

10 tips for doing the prom makeup

To look stunning and gorgeous on prom night is a dream of every girl when she is in the high-school. This dream can’t be just fulfilled by having a pretty gown or matching sandals. Along with dress and sandals, your looks are also important.

Designer evening dresses

Evening dresses are basically designed for evening parties. You can see a lot of different kinds of designer evening dresses nowadays. Each of them is very stylish and glamorous.

The right way to select a party dress

A good dressing sense can make you appear special in any occasion. However there are lots of choices available for party dresses. Due to this most of the people do get confused when they are trying to choose a right dress for party. Whenever you are trying to choose a right party dress it is good to keep these few points in your mind

What is a Knee length dress

A knee length dress ends just below the knee. This length is also referred as cocktail length. Knee length dresses mostly works well for all body types. One can wear a knee length dress as a formal or as a casual in meeting, office and court. It is one of the most popular and favorable dress of women.

What is a Cocktail Dress

Cocktail Dresses are usually short semi-formal outfits. They do come commonly in knee length but they can also be available in touch ankle length, or just a few inches above the ankle. You can wear Cocktail dress in many kind of occasions such as cocktail parties, proms and any other semi formal occasion. Generally the fabrics used in cocktail dresses are silk, satin and chiffon. A cocktail dress is a very stylist and beautiful dress which can enhance your beauty if you properly choose it.

How to choose earrings

pair of earringsA beautiful pair of earrings won’t make you look beautiful, if you buy them without considering your face cut, your skin tone and the outfit you might be wearing along with it. Selecting the right type of beauty accessories is also an art that some makeup artists have mastered by experience and research. The right type of earrings does add an extra charm in your beauty. Therefore it is very essential that you should carefully select them and do proper research on your part before buying it. In this small article I will try and mention some basic stuff that you should take care of when buying your earrings.

Makeup tips for a perfect date

So you are going for a date. Now I know the feeling how thousands of thoughts might go through your mind and you get worried for nothing. It isn’t just you, but it is a normal scenario that happens with everyone. If you have prior experience for getting ready for a date then you might already know, what are the things which one should keep in her mind when getting ready for her date. Even most experienced ones do have anxiety from within that do I look good enough? Does my face look too dull? Is my hair looking as smooth and silky as I want it to appear?

Knowing your body shape

Sometimes you would wear a beautiful dress but then you would realize that you are not looking as good as you would like to be. Also you feel that it isn’t suiting your body. Do you know what is the reason behind this? It happens because of your lack of knowledge about your body shape. If you are wearing a dress according to your body shape then it will appreciate your beauty compared to wearing a simple dress.

Tips on applying a perfect foundation

applying makeup foundationFoundation is the base of any makeup. It is one of the most widely used makeup tool. A foundation not only just makes the skin look better but also makes your makeup look natural. A foundation whose colors would match exactly with your skin color is the best foundation for you. To get a perfect makeup selection of right foundation is also essential. It not just makes up a base for a perfect makeup but also helps you to protect your skin against unwanted damage that might occur in rare cases. So a foundation should be selected very wisely.