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Tips on applying a perfect foundation

applying makeup foundationFoundation is the base of any makeup. It is one of the most widely used makeup tool. A foundation not only just makes the skin look better but also makes your makeup look natural. A foundation whose colors would match exactly with your skin color is the best foundation for you. To get a perfect makeup selection of right foundation is also essential. It not just makes up a base for a perfect makeup but also helps you to protect your skin against unwanted damage that might occur in rare cases. So a foundation should be selected very wisely.

Taking care of your feet

foot careOur feet do bear all the body weight and they are responsible to move us from one place to another, yet most of the time people do ignore their foot care. Healthy and beautiful feet also improves your personality. Whenever we think about our body we always think about our body shape, good face, hair style and skin care. It never occurs to our mind that feet are also important part of our body and they also need care. However it is not very difficult to get the healthy and beautiful feet. You can easily get healthy and beautiful feet by using these tips in your daily life.

Choosing perfect eye shadow according to your eye color

eyeshadow eye colorEye shadow is a part of eye makeup. It is applied on the eyelids and under the area of your eyebrows. It makes your eyes look more attractive. Eye shadows does add a glow on your eyes and make them appear more appealing. Choosing a right eye shadow color depends on your eye color and skin tone. Contrast colors for eye shadows will make your eyes much attractive then the blending ones. Here are some simple to follow tips which help you to choose a right color according to your eyes color.

Taking care of your lips

lip mark lipstickBeautiful lips are an essential part of your facial beauty. It gives you a sensuous look. No matter how good your lipsticks are the real beauty always comes naturally. Therefore it is very important that you take care of your lips in order to make it look more beautiful. If you are looking for soft, smooth and pink lips then here I will try to give you some tips. It will help you to keep your lips soft and smooth and appear more luscious in a natural way. This steps would also help you to prevent cracking and chapping of lips. All the steps below are easy to follow but should be done on regular basis to see positive results.

Basic tips on hair care

hair care women picYour hair does play an important role in your beauty. Beautiful hair can totally change your personality so every woman wants to make her hair soft, shiny and silky. Hair is the most exposed part of our body, because of that reason they are very easily ruin able with dust and sun. UV rays are very harmful for the hairs. Moreover When you are choosing any hair product it is very important to choose the right kind of products according to your type of hair. Hair is very important part of our personality so it is our duty that we take care of it and keep them healthy.

Bridal Makeup

Wedding day is a very special day in every woman’s life. You want to look perfect on that day. Your looks depend upon your dressing and makeup. A proper makeup can make you one of the most beautiful bride. In reality bridal makeup starts few days before the wedding.  Facial should be done before a week of wedding. Hair nail and skin treatment should be completed before 3-4 weeks of the wedding. I would try to mention some tips for bridal makeup and I hope they might help you.

Organic makeup

Organic Makeup
Organic makeup is a good option for your skin because it contains plant materials and natural minerals found from the surface of earth. It does not contain any synthetic color, chemicals and artificial scent which are harmful for your skin. Organic makeup is very skin friendly and is helpful to enhance your skin’s beauty without risk of damaging it. It is also ideal for sensitive skin. Organic makeup is useful to decrease wrinkles and dark spot from your skin and make them healthy.

Choosing the right dress for summer

Choosing the right dress according to the season is a good practice as wearing woolen clothes in summer might be a foolish idea. For example in summer the temperature and humidity levels are high, which causes sweat and skin rashes along with symptoms like itchiness and a feeling of being uncomfortable.

Using eyelashes

Applying eye lashesBeautiful eyelashes can enhance your eyes beauty and make them look bigger. If you have naturally big eye lashes than you can enhance their beauty by applying eye makeup. If you have small or less eyelashes don’t worry you can make them appear bigger by using fake eyelashes. Before using false eyelashes it is necessary that you should know how to use it. Below there are some guidelines which will help you to apply fake eye lashes.

Skirts and its types

There are varieties of outfits available for girls, but skirt is a very stylish outfit among them. One of best thing about skirt is, you can wear them as a casual or as a formal. There are lots of choices for skirts which are available in today’s market. So you should be careful when selecting a skirt. Whenever you are going to buy a skirt you should have some idea about the following points.