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Latest Girls

Tips on Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos are considered as an enchanting way to catch one’s attention. Since last few years, a trend for getting a tattoo on the body has increased rapidly. Either it is a teen or a middle-aged girl they like to have a tattoo on the body.

Tips for Preventing Hair Fall

Hair looks good on head and not on floor. There are many reasons due to which hair falls. There can be small amount of hair fall initially which can lead baldness on the head. So, you will have to take proper care when you start seeing breakage of hair regularly.

Tips on Ear Piercing

Getting an ear pierced is considered as style statement. Not only today but in olden days also the women used to get their ears pierced. Nowadays women like to get their ears pierced as it looks very trendy and makes them look more beautiful. Hole is made in the skin of ear and jewelry is put to decorate that hole. There are different places on the ear which can be pierced. There are different types of jewelry available in the market which can be used for the ears.

Tips for Taking Proper Care of Your Legs

Women like to be center of attraction. They want that everyone should complement them for their beauty. For this they will buy expensive and stylish clothes, apply good makeup, will take care of their skin. Just imagine if everything is perfect except for legs, then all what you thought about complements, those dreams will be shattered. So, it is necessary that along with hands, face and clothes, yours legs also have to be maintained properly.  Below are some tips for taking proper care of your legs.

Getting Dressed for Job Interview

Today almost every woman wants to work and live independently. She wants to govern her life by herself. There are far more woman who are working today then they used to in past. Nowadays you can find women working in offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. A particular company or the organization will let you know more about their dressing code when you get selected for the job. But at first you should make sure that you are dressed good enough to get a chance to work with them.

Makeup Tips for Blondes

Are you a blonde? Are you facing problems with choosing makeup items? Are you confused which color to choose and which to not? Now you need not to worry about these or any other question you have. This article is especially for blondes and will help you out with makeup and beauty queries.

Makeup Tips for Women with Oily Skin

Oily skinned women face many challenges when applying makeup on their skin. They have to take care of the cosmetic products they choose. They have to make sure that all the products they choose would help them maintain the oil content of the skin and won’t increase it. If you are one of them and facing trouble while choosing makeup items or when applying makeup then follow the points given below.

Wearing a Hoodie

Different types of clothes are available in the market by wearing every one can look beautiful. Only the thing to be kept in mind is that clothes should be selected properly and wisely. Hoodie is one type of outfit wearing which can change your style statement. Generally, a hoodie is considered as a sweatshirt with a hood and optional zip. They can be pull-on hoodies too. It also has a large pocket in front giving it a nice, stylish look. Because of the hood, hoodies provide anonymity and is worn to hide the face. Generally, celebrities do this when they go to some public place and they want to remain hidden. However, in winter season, due to the hood, head and face can be protected from the cold. Therefore, hoodies can be worn in winters too.

Nose Piercing

Body piercing is one of the on-going fashion trends to look stylish. In piercing, tiny hole is being made in the body part and jewelry is fixed in that hole. The different body parts, which can be pierced, are ears, eyes, nose, lips and navel. Ear piercing is the most common type of them all. One can choose the place according to their own preference.

Hair Perm Tips

Perming the hair has set a trend in fashion industry. Starting from the earlier days till now, women go crazy for this technique. In this technique, straight hair can be made curly/wavy or loose curls can be converted into tight curls. Curly or wavy hair can be made curlier with the help of this process. It is also possible to get straight hair from curls through this process. Voluminous hair with curls is the general result of this technique.