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Using Hair Straightners

Some women are born with straight hair, while some have curly and wavy hair. There are many hairstyles which would only suit straight hair. If you have curly or wavy hair then straightening it would not be that tough with some tips provided over here. Moreover the straight hair are easily manageable and taking care of straight hair is comparatively easier then the curly ones.

Girl with Long Straight HairIf you want to make your hair straight in a natural way then you can use lemon and coconut oil cream onto your hair. After that you can cover it up with a hot towel. Keep it for some minutes and then wash them properly. Once they are bit dry you can comb them with a fine tooth comb. Doing this on regular basis will give you shiny as well as straight hair.

The above method works but it takes time. If you want to straighten your hair without waiting for weeks and months then you can straighten them with the help of hair straighteners. To use a hair iron, you can start by shampooing your hair.

Shampooing is important so that your hair gets moisturized for the hair ironing session. After that when they are dry you can run a comb through them and then run flat iron on to them. You have to take care that you pull out the iron in a slow and steady manner. Doing this section by section on your hair will straighten them out in no time. There are many types of hair irons available in market today. Ceramic hair irons and traditional metal flat irons are types of hair irons that you can choose from. In metallic flat irons you can choose between tourmaline flat iron, aluminum flat iron or titanium hair straightener. Also make sure that they have rounded edges so that it won’t put dents onto your hair. Another factor is the price, but as far as quality beauty products go, it is better to choose a good quality one.

The hair ironing technique requires a little bit time. Doing hair ironing in a hurry is not a good idea. If you don’t get desired results after running the iron once onto a section of your hair, then you can repeat it on to that section. Still, it is better to do it right way the very first time. Choose temperature settings according to your hair type. Getting it fully heated is not going to do any good. So adjust the temperature accordingly. If you have thick and extra curly hair then set the temperature a little bit higher then the normal.

Once you have done the ironing you should apply some hair oil onto it. Use a good quality natural hair oil so that your hair gets some weight and they won’t become frizzy.

In order to get a long lasting effect without damaging your hair, you should choose your shampoo, hair straightening products and hair oil carefully. Take care of your hair straighteners too, You can heat them up and wipe them off to clean conditioners and serum.