Makeup Tips for a Job Interview

by Lawrencia Jones

Woman in Business DressNow-a-days women live their life independently. They do job, manage home, party with their friends and remain happy. Some women like to change the job if they are not comfortable doing that or some are like they haven’t started yet doing job but are searching for a job. If you are one of the latter cases, then you can face many difficulties regarding how to dress up when you called for an interview or how the makeup should be applied.

In this article, some tips are mentioned, regarding how to apply makeup when you are going for some job interview:

  • You should keep in mind that you have to look professional and decent, when you are going for interview. So, little makeup is better but never go with no-makeup look for interview.
  • You should avoid applying foundation as it can make your face look cakey. But if your skin tone is uneven and you think there is need to make the tone similar then you should apply a very thin layer of foundation.
  • Concealer should be used to hide any flaws of the face. Pick the concealer whose shade is similar to that of skin tone.
  • The eye shadow you choose should be simple and not glossy. The colors you pick for eye shadow should be natural colors like brown, cream, grey or taupe. Generally, eye liner should not be used but if also you are using it then you should make sure the line should be very thin and tidy. Black is the color which should be picked for eye liner. The colors which you pick when you are going for some party should not be tried when you going for interview as it doesn’t impress the interviewer instead your impression will become down.
  • For lipstick, you should choose the one which leave the matte effect. Don’t go with lip gloss as it can be very distractive. Pink shades are the common ones and in that also light pink is mostly used. Never go for dark colors as it doesn’t look good for this occasion.
  • There is less need for blush as it makes the face look shiny. Instead if you are choosing to put it on then select one which makes the face look natural. Otherwise just avoid putting blush.
  • Take proper care of your nails too. Make sure that you have trimmed them properly as big nails don’t look good when going for job interview. Along with trimming and filing, keep in mind to keep the nails dirt-free. The nail polish you are thinking to put on should be of color which is natural and not bright and doesn’t have glitter. You can also go with some light shade for nail paint.

Make sure that on the day of interview, you give yourself some more time to get dressed and to apply makeup as you would want no smudges or flaws on the face. When you ready to go for interview, you should see yourself in the mirror and if you feel like doing touch-up than do that too. Keep some tissues in your bag to remove excess makeup from the face after touch-up. Be confident and you will surely rock in your interview.

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