Tips on Looking Beautiful Without Makeup

by Lawrencia Jones

Natural beauty is always appreciated. Usage of chemicals on the face will eventually make the face dull and rough. Moreover, if you are addicted to applying the makeup, and then whenever you aren’t using the makeup you might feel that you are not pretty anymore. Applying and removing of makeup now and then, can sometimes become headache. Money spent for makeup items also increases day by day. Therefore, sometimes it is better to stay natural and stay away from all these problems. It doesn’t means that you should never ever use makeup but atleast whenever possible it should be avoided.

Here are some tips if followed will make you look beautiful even without the makeup:

Girl without Makeup– Always wash your face with a good cleanser. By cleansing the dead skin cells, dirt and germs will be removed from the pores and will make the skin glowing. A good face-wash is recommended and should be used whenever you feel to wash your face. This also helps to get rid of acne problems if you have some.

– Massage your face with a moisturizer regularly. After cleansing apply moisturizer to make the skin soft and smooth. Choose the one which has SPF amount between 15 and 30. This will work as your sunscreen lotion too.

– Makeup enhances your face features and makes you look more beautiful. But without makeup also you can enhance your face features. Eyebrows are important as they help to maintain the look of face. So, it is necessary to use tweezers in order to maintain their shape. Do this once a week and your eyebrows will look good. You can use curler to add curls to your eye lashes. Curled eye lashes will enhance the eyes and will make you look more beautiful.

– Application of lip balm or lip oil is recommended so that lips don’t chap out. Chapped lips will destroy the look of your face whereas moisturized lips add beauty to the face.

– A proper hair cut which suits your face shape and features is must. For long hair half up-down hairstyle is the best or you can try out buns or knots. For short hair bob hairstyle is a good choice.

– Also maintain the condition of your hair and they will too help you to look beautiful with out makeup. Shampoo them at least 3 times a week with a good shampoo which suits your hair. You can choose to put on conditioner which will leave shine in your hair. Hair also helps in making you look beautiful, so take care of them too.

– Sleep is important to look beautiful. If you sleep for 6-8 hours without getting disturbed, the next morning you will feel fresh. Also the lack of sleep will affect the beauty of the face negatively. So, to look pretty naturally you should get some sleep properly.

– Diet is also one of the important aspects to be considered if you want to look beautiful. Eating healthy and nutritious food will make your face glow. It will make your face shine and now if you don’t apply makeup on the face then too you will look pretty. Along with food make sure that you drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. This helps you to look gorgeous.

– Not only makeup but the clothes you wear also matter a lot. Trendy and stylish clothes should be worn, as they will add a style statement to your personality. They will help you to look beautiful without wearing makeup on the face.

Makeup adds beauty to your face while endangering your skin. It helps you look beautiful, but it isn’t worth it when it harms your skin. The above points will help you out to look beautiful without causing any harm to your skin.

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