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Mini skirts and its uses

A garment which is of cone or tube shaped and hangs down from the waist so that it covers all or some parts of the legs is known as a skirt. Depending on the current on-going fashion and ones own taste, the hemline of skirts can be as high as the upper thigh or as [...]

Women Blouses and How to Choose One

Women blouses are highly comfortable for wearing in office or in home. They are generally worn with trousers, skirts, pants, capris and jeans. You can find them in several sizes, styles and colors and it also comes in both short and long sleeves. Some blouses also have embroidery, beads work, sequin work, mirror work, zari [...]

Different types of Jeans for Women

Jeans does takes a great place in women fashion clothing. Like other dresses jeans are also available in different styles and sizes in stores. Your body’s shape will have a big effect on which one is the better choice for you. In order to get the best suitable jeans you have to have an idea [...]

Women’s top

Whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual, women tops are suitable for both. They are very popular and fashionable type of clothing that come in many different styles and patterns. A top when paired with jeans, skirts, cargo, leggings or shorts would give you a great look. They are available in attractive designs and [...]

Designer evening dresses

Evening dresses are basically designed for evening parties. You can see a lot of different kinds of designer evening dresses nowadays. Each of them is very stylish and glamorous.

The right way to select a party dress

A good dressing sense can make you appear special in any occasion. However there are lots of choices available for party dresses. Due to this most of the people do get confused when they are trying to choose a right dress for party. Whenever you are trying to choose a right party dress it is [...]

What is a Knee length dress

A knee length dress ends just below the knee. This length is also referred as cocktail length. Knee length dresses mostly works well for all body types. One can wear a knee length dress as a formal or as a casual in meeting, office and court. It is one of the most popular and favorable [...]

What is a Cocktail Dress

Cocktail Dresses are usually short semi-formal outfits. They do come commonly in knee length but they can also be available in touch ankle length, or just a few inches above the ankle. You can wear Cocktail dress in many kind of occasions such as cocktail parties, proms and any other semi formal occasion. Generally the [...]

Choosing the right dress for summer

Choosing the right dress according to the season is a good practice as wearing woolen clothes in summer might be a foolish idea. For example in summer the temperature and humidity levels are high, which causes sweat and skin rashes along with symptoms like itchiness and a feeling of being uncomfortable.

Skirts and its types

There are varieties of outfits available for girls, but skirt is a very stylish outfit among them. One of best thing about skirt is, you can wear them as a casual or as a formal. There are lots of choices for skirts which are available in today’s market. So you should be careful when selecting [...]