Wearing High-Waist Pants

by Lawrencia Jones
high waist jeans girl

Women wear clothes which help them flatter their figure. Skirts, denim jeans, formal pants, shorts and other clothes are some types which women pick while they shop. There are many different types of pants available in the market. Straight, skinny tight, flared, cropped and low-rise are some type of pants which are usually picked up by most of the women. Some may have forgotten high-waist pants but they have emerged as very trendy and cool fashion.

Girl wearing high waisted jeansNowadays high waist pants are too considered as good choice and women like to pick them up too. Also they are very versatile which means you can wear them at any place like going to a party or a workplace. In case of high-waist pants, skinny tight and flared ones are easily available and look very stylish when paired with right tops and accessories. High-waist pants are not for everyone. They don’t look good if you have pear-shaped body as some pants would attract attention to the waist. But if you have hourglass shape body or apple shape body then you can wear these pants. Also these pants are not for petite woman as these pants would make you look smaller.

Selecting the t-shirts and shirts with high-waist pants is simple. Just make sure that they are long enough, so that they can be properly tucked-in without leaving a crease. When going to some party then select a top which is simple yet stylish. Go for different necklines like halter, scoop, sweetheart, boat neck or any other neckline. You can wear cropped top but never go for long t-shirts as then nobody will come to know that you have worn high-waist jeans. For party look you should wear skinny tight high-waist jeans with these tops to look gorgeous.

High-waist jeans can be worn at office too. Wear some simple or ruffled shirt which is tucked in and straight cut or flared high-waist pants. Don’t wear high-waist denim jeans at work place as they are not considered as formal wear. You can wear a blazer too which reaches till your thighs. Don’t ever go for cropped blazer above it, as it won’t look that good and you can end up looking unattractive.

In accessories, you can wear a belt either a narrow one or broad one to attract the attention at the waist. Apart from it, for trendy and stylish look, wear chains, rings, hats and scarves as then you would look fabulous. In case of sandals, always select the heel ones. You can wear pumps, stilettos, slingbacks or go for high heel boots as they too would look great.

Pair everything with care and you would surely look beautiful in high-waist pants.

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