Dressing In a Way to Look Younger

by Lawrencia Jones
woman with young look

Women want to look more beautiful and gorgeous all the time. But this becomes a bit difficult when you have aged and have reached forties. At this time, choosing colors for makeup and clothes is bit different then when you were in twenties. Also if you choose them properly then you can look younger and beautiful at same time.

In this article, some tips on how to dress up in order to look young are being mentioned:

Dressing to look younger– Wearing jeans can make you look younger. But as we age, your body gains weight and the stomach and thigh areas become fat. Though skinny tight jeans are very-in these days, you should prefer them as they can make you look unattractive. Instead go for flared jeans and boot-cut jeans. They look decent and nice when you pair them up with button-up shirts. You will surely look younger and more beautiful.

– Floral print dress or tops are very good options if you want to look younger. They give you a feeling of youth. Choose a dress carefully as the sign of aging should not be visible as then you won’t beautiful.

– Check out magazines and websites for the clothes which are the latest ones and are preferred by youngsters. You can also see what the celebrities are wearing and then go for wearing those types of clothes.

– Accessories too can help you out to look younger. If you are going to wear normal clothes then select accessories which are the ones preferred by ladies in twenties. You can wear hats, belts, good bracelets and neck pieces, watches, a good handbag or any other accessories.

– Pick the colors for your clothes very carefully. Pastel colors are very good options and look good on aged women. They would make you look younger. If you don’t want to go for these dark colors like black and brown colors are always good choice.

– Wear simple and decent jackets. Coats or jackets which reach till mid thighs should be the ones to be picked. In case of jackets always go for dark and solid colors. You can go for leather jackets, fur jackets, denim jackets or some other good ones. Wearing jackets would make you remind of your youth days and you will again look younger than your real age.

Keep in mind the above points and select the clothes properly. Always pay attention while selecting clothes and choose the ones which are latest and look very cool and trendy. You will surely look younger than your age and everyone will complement you for your beauty and clothes.

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