What is a Pencil Skirt

by Lawrencia Jones
girl wearing pencil skirt

Nowadays many types of dresses for women are available in the market. Women also like to try out different kind of outfits and thus their wardrobe is full of such things. Jeans, trousers, skirts, gowns and every other thing possible could be found in their closet. They will be of different types and styles too. Among them, pencil skirt is the type of skirt which is in demand and found frequently. A tight fitted skirt till knees or bit lower than knees is a pencil skirt. This skirt can come in above knee-length and this is known as mini-pencil skirt. This skirt gives a very sleek and gorgeous look.

Girl Wearing a Pencil SkirtThis skirt is in demand because of its nature of carrying it anywhere. It can be worn at office or for some professional meeting or even in an evening party. No matter where you wear it, you will definitely look stunning, but make sure that you choose the top/t-shirt above the skirt accordingly. If you are going for office or some professional meeting then you should select a formal shirt in white, black or gray color. For evening parties stylish t-shirt/top either loose or tight would be the appropriate choice. You can wear a jacket above the top too. You can also wear a belt to add style to your skirt.

Generally, cotton, woolen, rayon, linen etc are the fabrics used to prepare a pencil skirt.

Walking in a pencil skirt is bit tricky and you will have to make sure that you don’t fall. For avoiding this either a side slit or back slit is being provided in the skirt which helps in walking.

To add glamour quotient to your skirt wear proper sandals. Choosing an appropriate sandal with a pencil skirt is important. You can select high heels/stilettos or some other heels. This skirt can be worn by women with any body type, but if you are pear-shaped women, than you will have to be careful in selecting a pencil skirt. Don’t select one which tightly fits to your lower body as it won’t look good. Instead select the one which hides your flaws of lower body and emphasizes on the upper parts. But, yes it is true that slim women would look more beautiful and stylish when they wear a pencil skirt. Due to the body structure of thin women, this skirt helps them to flaunt their legs and make them look gorgeous. But others can also wear this skirt.

This skirt gives a look to a woman from which no man can run away. It makes a woman look beautiful, stylish and gorgeous. Though sometimes trendy and simple, this skirt is always a yes-yes for every woman.

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