Tips To Dress Up If You Are Tall

by Lawrencia Jones

Not all women have same body shape and size. Some are thin or fat whereas some are tall or short. All have to select outfits which suit their body shape and size. For tall women, the extra height some times creates a problem and so there are some difficulties which have to be faced while selecting clothes for them.

In this article some tips on how to get dressed if you are tall in height are mentioned:

Tall woman wearing a dressWhen considering tops, you should make sure that you select the one which has prints and designs and are light in color. Also pair it up with some good pair of jeans or skirt as per your choice. Light colored tops will make you look not tall than what you already are and so that it is why they should be preferred. You can pick up ruffled top as it is also a good option. For necklines, don’t go for high necklines like turtle neck as it will make you look taller. Instead pick the ones like V neckline, scoop or square. If you choose necklines which are deep than it would be good as this will catch attention to the upper part of the body and nobody will see your height. Always keep in mind that you should wear long or medium length tops as short tops can make you look taller.

For jeans, you can wear straight skinny tight jeans or boot cut jeans. Make sure that the jeans should be long enough that it reaches till your legs. Many designer wear jeans of long length are available, from which you can select one according to your choice. Also keep the color of the jeans dark like blue, black as it would be a nice thing if you do this. You can wear Capri with cuff as it looks good on most of tall women.

When going for skirts, you should think twice before you buy one for yourself. On tall women, generally short skirts don’t look nice and so you should too avoid them. But you can wear knee-length skirt or the skirt which end just above knees or the one which ends below knees. Don’t ever go for full length skirt as it would make you look taller than what you already are. You can choose A-line skirt, pencil skirt, some flared skirt or pleated skirt as these are some of the good options.

Shorts too are bit difficult to be found for tall women. Avoid short shorts as they would make you look taller. You can go for shorts which end at mid-thighs or above knees. By wearing shorts you can expose your long legs and can look beautiful & gorgeous.

For jackets, you should go for jackets which are waist length or long jackets which end either at above knees or just below knees. Colorful jackets should be chosen as they can help you to look short. Generally short tops are not good for tall women, but you go for short tops only if you wear some jacket or cardigan above it.

When selecting a dress, you can go for dress whose hemline ends at mid-thighs or at/above/below knees. You can also pick full length dress as it is also a good choice. A-line dress, empire-cut dress, shirt dress or maxi dress, any would look beautiful on you. Dresses which have embellishment are also a great option. Keep the neckline either deep-v, sweetheart or scoop. Off-shoulder dress too would look great on tall women.

When choosing accessories, you can select chunky jewelry as this would look very attractive and no one would care about your height. Wear dangling or hoop earrings, beaded necklace or some other heavy neck piece. You can also go for simple but long chains. When choosing belts, broad belts are ok-ok choice, instead you should select narrow belts of same color as that of your other clothes.

Shoes matter a lot for tall women. You should never pick stilettos or other high heel sandals as they would make you look taller. Instead you should pick up kitten heels or medium heel shoes and sandals. Go for boots which have medium heels as they too would make you look stylish.

Now, you don’t have to worry if you are tall in height. There are many celebrities and models which are heighted and then too they look gorgeous and stylish. Everything matters on how you dress up. Keep in mind the above tips while getting ready and you will surely look more beautiful and stylish. Weather it is for choosing a homecoming dresses dallas or mother of the bride dresses dallas you can always use the above mentioned tips and find a perfect dress for youself. You can shop it online or locally at dress shops in dallas

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