Nail Polish

by Lawrencia Jones

Who won’t want beautiful nails? Every woman desires to look beautiful, and lovely nails would just add more stars to her beauty. Pretty nails can be obtained by applying nail polish to the nails. Colorful nail polishes would look stylish on nails and enhance the beauty of your hands. How to choose a nail polish, how to apply it, how to remove it and how to store them are some few questions which arise in every woman’s mind.

Nail PolishDifferent types of nail polish are available in the market out of which you can select the best for yourself. Matte effect nail polish, glitter effect nail polish, cream nail polish are few types of nail polish. If you want to have some lustrous and shiny look, then you can go for creamy nail polish. Generally, women like shiny things and so in this case cream nail polish is preferred most of the time. Different colors like red, pink, blue, brown, white, black, green, orange and others are available for nail polish. Keep in mind all these colors and types of nail polishes and then pick any one according to the event/place you are looking forward to go. Like if you are going for some date then you can select bold red and bold pink shades in cream or glitter nail polish whereas if you are going to office then you should select pale red/pink, beige or camel colors in matte effect.

Applying nail polish is a very simple task. First you should select the shade and type of nail polish you want to apply. After you have selected them, apply a clear base coat on the nails. Next is applying nail polish… With very firm hand, start applying nail polish from middle part of the nail and then gradually move on to the sides. After you have applied nail polish to all the nails, wait for few minutes till it dries out. Now you can apply second coat of nail polish in similar manner and leave it to dry. As the second coat dries out, you should apply a top coat which is clear in color. Base coat and top coat are applied because this allows the nail polish to stay for longer time. It would wear out easily if you don’t put on this base and top coat.

Removing nail polish is an important task. Sometimes you should keep your nails uncovered from the nail polish as they have to breathe fresh air otherwise there are chances of getting an infection. For removing nail polish, you need nail polish remover and cotton balls. Dip the cotton balls in nail polish remover and keep it on nails for few seconds. Then after applying pressure remove the cotton ball. You will see that nail polish would be removed and if there is some left then repeat the procedure. Acetone and alcohol free nail polish remover should be selected.

If you want that shelf life of nail polish should be more, than you should store nail polish in refrigerator. Also while you are applying nail polish don’t shake it otherwise bubbles would be formed which affects the quality of nail polish. Instead you should roll it between your hands.

Choose a nail polish carefully and color your fingernails and toenails. Your nails would look lovely.

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