Three Reasons To Use A Dry Shampoo

by Lawrencia Jones

Whether you’re camping out into the wild or simply tired after a long day, sometimes washing and styling your hair may be the last thing on your mind. This is when the dry shampoo may be a great alternative. Often times, when running out of time, shampooing your hair in the old way is just not an option. Hundreds of years ago, you would easily get away with powders to matte and finish your hair.

Dry Shampoo on HairToday, we wash the hair with liquid shampoos and style it afterwards. Thankfully, there is a new option available for grooming the hair, and that’ the dry shampoo which allows you to easily freshen the scalp in between shampooing. Here are the three top reasons to try out a dry shampoo:

1. It’s Easy To Use.
Unlike liquid cleansers, dry shampoos lightly freshen the scalp and the hair without having to rinse and lather. It’s a quick fix for oily scalps and it also protects your hair, as heat and too much washing might damage the follicles. Dry shampoos are also a great way to boost the hair volume.

2. You Can Take It Anywhere.
You can take your dry shampoo anywhere, because it’s incredibly convenient. The shampoo comes in a small aluminum can, which can be easily carried in your purse or car. Just pull it out and use it whenever you need to. All you need to do is spray it to your roots, wait for couple of minutes and then brush it through, and it’s good as new.

It’s a time-savior in many situations, including an early morning meeting, or when you’re running late for an interview or a brunch date.  It’s also convenient when you’re gone for the weekend and you have limited water resources or are unable to wash properly.

3. It’s Affordable.
Since many dry shampoos are endorsed by celebrities, you’d think that they are way over your budget. Well, the big surprise is that they’re actually quite cheap. Depending on the brand, you may pay anywhere between $5 – $30 per can. You may say that’ still a lot, but considering how long it lasts it’s a real deal. You don’t need to coat on the shampoo every five seconds like all the models; a couple of squirts and you’re done. If you don’t overdo it, the shampoo should last you about couple of months.

It’s recommended to keep your liquid shampoos, because dry shampoos aren’t really a replacement for washing your hair. That’s why, this product is just a time-saving solution when you need a quick refreshing.

Apply correctly to reap the benefits

Of course, in order to enjoy its benefits, you need to use the shampoo correctly. Shake the can well and separate hair into 1.5 inch sections and spray the shampoo about 12 inches from the hair, from root to tip. Then gently massage it at your roots and make sure there’ nothing left. Brush your hair and you’re done!

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