How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

by Lawrencia Jones

Wedding is the most important day in a women’s life. They would want to be center-of-attraction on this big day. They would want that everything should go perfectly and smoothly on this day. For this they would start preparations since months before the wedding. They would do rehearsal for everything so that nothing goes wrong on that day. From wedding dress to makeup and hairstyles, they would try on everything once before hand only. Wedding dress is an important thing which everybody notices on the bride. So, it is important to choose a wedding dress properly and then match other accessories accordingly.

Girl in a Wedding DressThere are different types of gowns from which you can select one for your wedding. Ball gown, a-line gown, empire-waist gown, sheath gown and many more are available in the market these days. Before you buy one, read the magazines about the latest gown trend. Checkout the websites which sell wedding gowns for the rates that are going on currently. The gown which suits your body should be bought. Never forget about how your wedding is going to be i.e. either formal or informal. Buy your wedding gown keeping the venue, type of your wedding and budget in your mind.

Wedding gowns for different body-types are available in the market. You should select the gown which hides your flaws and make you look beautiful. If you are pear-shaped woman than you can try on ball gown as your wedding dress or you can go with the empire waist gown. Necklines such as deep-v, sweetheart and halter can be tried out as they will attract attention on the upper part of the body. Tube wedding gowns can also be one of the choices. Body fitted ball gowns having volume below the waist will help to cover the lower part of the body.

If you are an apple-shaped woman then you should select those gowns for yourself which will hide your waist and flaunt the upper portion of your body. Try on empire-waist gown or an A-line gown as they would perfectly hide your larger waist and will make you look more beautiful. Necklines for the gown should be deep as it will divert attention from the lower body to upper part of the body.

If you have hourglass shaped than empire-waist gown or ball gown are one of the good choices. The dress with a tail will add more beauty to your dress. Mermaid dress with a sweep and deep-v as neckline can also be a good choice. Necklines preferred for wedding gown are square, boat, deep-v, deep scoop and sweet heart as they will look more attractive. Strapless or with small strap, off shoulders or one-sided shoulder type of dresses should be preferred.

If you are tall in height than you should select a wedding dress which sweeps off the floor. The tail of the dress should be of medium length.  You can also opt for ball gowns as the wedding dress as they would give you a very feminine and pretty look.  For petite women, a-line gowns or sheath gowns with a modified waistline are preferred. Choose those gowns which help you look taller and not shorter.

Choose your gown properly and then match accessories with it. Always make sure that you buy at least a month before your wedding so that if there is any need of alternations than it can be done and delivered in time. Also keep your budget in mind when you go to shop. Choose the one which you like, and in which you are comfortable and it’s for sure that you like look beautiful on your wedding day.

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