Wearing a Wrap Dress

by Lawrencia Jones
a woman wearing a blue color wrap dress

Different outfits creates different looks for any woman and so every woman keeps trendy and variety of clothes in her closet. Different types of jeans, pants, tops, shirts, dresses and skirts are always available in the wardrobe of any woman. Wrap dress is one of these dresses, which is very common among all age group of women.

Girl Wearing a Wrap DressDress is wrapped on one side of the body, thus flaunting the shape of the body. It is tightly fitted from the top till the waistline and then gradually looses up. As a bathrobe is tied in the same way wrap dress is tied creating a v-neckline. The dress can be either tied tightly or loosely as per your wish. If you tie it tightly, the dress will help you to flaunt your body curves and waist. So, if you have thin waist and proper curves then you should go for this dress. The usual wrap dress has to be tied up manually, but in recent days faux wrap dress have became popular as they are same as wrap dress but are already tied and you just have to pull over your head to wear that dress. It is also simple as traditional wrap dress but much common than that these days.

Wrap dress can be worn by women of any body-shape but it is a good outfit for pear-shaped women. Broad lower part of the body can be hidden in this dress, thus making a good outfit for pear-shaped women. Also by exposing properly the upper part of the body, they can look really stylish. If you have hourglass body shape and if you going with this dress then it will looks best on your body as all the body curves will look good, thus making you look more beautiful and gorgeous. But if you have rectangle/flat figure then you should never go for this dress as it can make you look bad and it can look like you wearing some night gown.

There are many colors and designs available for this dress in the market. Solid color wrap dresses like black, white, brown, red, blue and other colors are seen in the stores. Designs like floral, some retro print and checks are common among this dress. Dresses with vertical and diagonal stripes are also seen in the market. If you want to create an illusion that you are slim, then you should go with wrap dress with stripes as it helps you to create this illusion. Fabric used for this dress is cotton, cotton jersey, satin and silk. By wearing accessories over this dress you can look more beautiful and stylish. You can wear a beaded necklace or some other necklace, bracelet and dangling or hoop earrings. With faux wrap dress, you can wear a belt to give your waist a good look. You can carry a clutch purse or shoulder bag with this dress. The sandals which you select can be stilettos, high heels, wedge heels, pumps with this dress. If you want to wear flat sandals with this dress then you can wear them too, but only if you are wearing this dress on some beach on a summer day.

Wrap dress can be worn on any occasion or any place. Like if you want to wear a wrap dress at office then you can wear it by choosing a simple dress and wearing minimal accessories. You can also wear this dress at some evening party by pairing up this dress with good high heel shoes, dangling earrings and a clutch purse. This dress can also be treated as a cocktail dress and you can wear it to any cocktail party. Pick up some beach-wear print wrap dress and wear it while going to some beach.

There is no age bar for wearing the wrap dress. You can opt to wear camisole underneath the dress if it is more exposing on the upper part of the body. This dress can give you a casual look as well as stylish look depending on which fabric you choose for the dress. Choose your dress carefully and according to the occasion or place pair it up with accessories and you will definitely look more beautiful and pretty.

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