Wrap Skirts

by Lawrencia Jones

Skirts, is what the majority of the women like to wear nowadays. Skirts gives sometimes a casual and at other times a very stylish look. Skirts can be worn on any place but with some cautions. There are varieties of skirts available in the market like pencil skirt, knee-length skirt, A-line skirt and many more. Wrap skirt is one of the types of skirt which is usually found in the wardrobe of the women.

Girl Wearing a Wrap SkirtWrap skirt is a simple skirt, but is folded to one side either to left or right of the waist and a knot is made manually to fix it. Like wrap dress, wrap skirt also is very common and many women wear this skirt. Wrap skirts comes in different colors and in different hemlines. Colors like pink, blue, green, grey, black and white are available in the market. Beautiful multicolor skirts are also available. The length of the skirt can end till knees or in between knees and legs or can be full length too. Short wrap skirts which have hemline ending between thighs and knees are also available. Now-a-days faux wrap skirts are also available in the market which are already wrapped and there is no need to do the wrapping manually.

A simple top can be paired up with this skirt giving a simple look to your beauty. But you can also pair the skirt with some cool and stylish top which would give you a stylish look. You can pick a simple t-shirt or some halter neck top or strap top matching the skirt. There are options for sleeves too, like you can pick cap-sleeve top, 3/4th sleeve top, full sleeves top or sleeveless top. When choosing a top with strap, generally thin straps look good with this skirt. Select the color of the top which matches your skirt. You can also pick camisoles or tank tops with a wrap skirt. Faux wrap skirt looks very formal and can be worn at office if you select some formal shirt or ruffled shirt with the top.

For accessories you can select a good neckpiece with this skirt. If your skirt & top, both are simple then choose a heavy neckpiece or else light neckpiece too would work. You can wear bracelets as they look good with any skirt. If your skirt is short then you can wear legging underneath the skirt to make it look more beautiful. The shoes which you select for this skirt can be heels, wedge heels, strap heels, slingback and pumps.

Wrap skirt can create a very stylish look on any body. Faux wrap skirts are generally tight-fitted and the normal wrap skirt is tight from the waist but gradually looses up. So faux wrap skirt can be worn by women who have perfect lower part of the body and normal wrap skirts are for all body shapes. Different colored and different design wrap skirts are available in the market. Pick one for yourself according to your body shape and pair it up with good top, accessories and shoes and you will surely look gorgeous.

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