How to Select and Wear Formal Blouses

by Lawrencia Jones

Although there are varieties of women dresses available for different kind of occasions, but when it comes to professional look, a formal blouse surely comes in mind. It is a most popular and stylish garments for women who are working. Its not only gives a professional look but it also highlights your curves and makes your look more classy and modish. However its best suited in office but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them on any other occasion. A blouse along with designer skirts and fashionable accessories makes it a glamorous outfit for any type of occasion. The way you would dress up depends on where you are going and what event you are attending. It is a versatile outfit and due to this, it has been always there in a woman’s wardrobe over the years.

Girl in Formal BlouseIn addition, to these characteristics a formal blouse comes in various colors, design and patterns, materials, neck lines, length of sleeves, collar types, cuts and so forth. These different styles and other aspects play an important role in the selection process of a blouse. Such as if you are buying it for a formal event, you should opt for chiffon and silk as these materials not only make you look elegant but also gives you a formal look. Similarly, if you want to emphasize the upper part of their body then pick a bright color blouse. If you are a plus sized woman then dark-colored and empire cut blouses are perfect choices for you so that they could make you appear slimmer and leaner. Some formal blouses comes with lines and stripes and if you are planning to buy such types of blouses, keep in mind that horizontal stripes can make you appear wider and vertical lines can make you look taller.

Some of the formal blouses are especially designed for any formal occasion. Like a corporate event, business gathering, wedding party, anniversary, engagement function etc. Thus if you are going to attend a formal event you can go for it. A blouse along with a decent skirt, trouser or business suit adds glam and style in your personality. Even without the coat, the shirt and pants would look great. You can also pair it up with different type of designer skirts and capris. It also looks great when paired up with a mini skirt.

Unlike other outfits, women blouses do emphasize their beauty and accentuate their curves. It’s a garment that is appreciated by women of all age and sizes. Hence, we can say a blouse is a great addition in a woman’s wardrobe. It can be a perfect choice for wearing on your upcoming presentation, party or a social event. Therefore, if you don’t have blouses then it is about time to buy some of them for yourself.

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