How to Apply Eyeliner

by Lawrencia Jones

Girl with Eyeliner Applied on Her EyesEyeliner is one of the most important thing which is used to define the eyes. Proper application of eyeliner is must so that the eyes look beautiful. Beautiful eyes will in return make you look more look attractive and gorgeous. Eyeliner that you choose could be either pencil or liquid. Just make sure that you apply it properly so that it doesn’t smudges the eye area. Also along with the eyeliner, you should make sure that other makeup is applied properly. Also make sure that you do some practice with the process mentioned below as eyeliners can go bad very easily.

Over here, some points are mentioned, which will help you with applying the eyeliner to get beautiful eyes:

  1. It is important to select the type and the color of eyeliner you want to apply. If you are comfortable with pencil eyeliner then choose that. Liquid eyeliner is also simple to apply and with due care you can get the same effect as you would get from the pencil eyeliner. Black and brown are common colors but you can go with other colors too.
  2. For pencil eyeliner, hold the pencil as it is the pen with which you write. Take support of desk for your hand and stretch out the lower eyelid so that you can apply eyeliner. Start applying eyeliner from the inner corner and go towards outer corner. Apply the eyeliner in one try only. Make sure that you get thin and unbroken line.
  3. For the upper lid, make sure that the eyeliner is placed just above the eyelashes. Here also you will have to keep in mind that the line should be thin and unbroken. For soft look, thin line should be done and if you are thinking for some bold look then you can go with applying thick lines. Thick lines are obtained with reapplication of eyeliner on the same portion when you using pencil.
  4. If you are using liquid eyeliner, you will have to make sure that it spreads evenly and doesn’t leave any extra spots. The brush of liquid eyeliner should be smooth and soft so that the line which is produced looks good on eyes. For the lower eyelash, stretch the lid and apply the eyeliner and for the upper lash close your eyes to apply it. Be sure that it is applied uniformly. For getting thick line with liquid eyeliner you will have to use thick brush and apply it uniformly.
  5. If you are having difficulty in getting thin, straight line either with pencil or liquid eyeliner you can put one spot at inner corner and outer corner of the eye and one at the middle of eyelash. Then you can join them.

For eyeliner, it is important that all other eye makeup should be applied first and in last the eyeliner should be applied. Make sure that you leave the eyeliner to set so that it gives your eyes a prettier look.

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