Nose Piercing

by Lawrencia Jones
girl with a nose piercing

Body piercing is one of the on-going fashion trends to look stylish. In piercing, tiny hole is being made in the body part and jewelry is fixed in that hole. The different body parts, which can be pierced, are ears, eyes, nose, lips and navel. Ear piercing is the most common type of them all. One can choose the place according to their own preference.

Girl with Pierced NoseNose piercing deals with piercing the nose. There are different types of nose piercing. The types are differentiated according to the place on nose at which piercing is being done. Nostril piercing, septum piercing and bridge piercing are the various types of nose piercing. In nostril piercing, nostrils are being pierced of to make space for the jewelry. Generally, lower nostril is chosen to be pierced, but one can choose higher nostril too. Small hoop rings, studs or free-shape retainers are used as jewelry in nostril piercing. In most cases the left nostril is preferred to be pierced, but right nostril can also be chosen. Piercing left nostril with stud gives a very feminine look.

Septum piercing deals with piercing the bone, which divides the two nostrils. The bone is also known as cartilage and a spot on cartilage is chosen which will be pierced. Usually, septum piercing comes at the second priority for women as nostril piercing is the most common one. Different type of jewelry such as rings, retainers, barbells etc can be used.

Bridge piercing is the type of piercing in which the skin on nose, which comes directly under eyes, is pierced. Initially it was not practiced, but now there is increase in this type of piercing. The jewelry used can be straight bars or straight barbells. Curved barbells or rings can also be used as jewelry only after the wound has been healed properly.

Proper care has to be taken after piercing has been done. Don’t take the piercing lightly until it has healed properly. Healing time for nostril piercing is around 3 months whereas for septum piercing to get completely healed it takes about 6 months. For bridge piercing to get healed time taken is around 8 months. Make sure you don’t smoke during the healing process as it will make the process lengthy and also will affect the result. During the initial weeks of healing you will get the urge to touch your nose, but make sure you don’t touch it. Clean the portion, which has been recently pierced with saline water. Avoid applying makeup on the nose or apply just a little makeup during the healing. Don’t remove the jewelry while recovering process because if you remove it then there are chances that the hole can get closed. If this happens then second time piercing has to be done on the same spot and this can be more painful than the earlier one. Changing the jewelry should be done after it has healed completely.

Nose piercing has become a style statement for young girls. With proper care and attention to the nose, beautiful rings or studs can be pierced which will make you look prettier.

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