Hair Perm Tips

Perming the hair has set a trend in fashion industry. Starting from the earlier days till now, women go crazy for this technique. In this technique, straight hair can be made curly/wavy or loose curls can be converted into tight curls. Curly or wavy hair can be made curlier with the help of this process. It is also possible to get straight hair from curls through this process. Voluminous hair with curls is the general result of this technique.

Hair Perm Curlers

This process of perming can be done either at salon or at home. For home, small hair perm kits are available which can be bought from some salon or some departmental store. But if you are doing it for the first time, then it is advisable that you to go to a professional. This technique deals with applying some chemical solution on the hair to change the texture of hair. After this some neutralizer is applied on the hair, which will maintain the effect of chemicals. Hair perm is not for everyone. If your hair is thin and fragile, the effect of chemical will make them easily breakable. In addition, if your hair is recently colored, more use of chemicals on the hair will affect badly. If you have thick hair with some curls then you can go for hair perm.

To begin this process, hair is washed first with a shampoo. In wet hair, only this process will work and give the desired result. After this the hair should be divided into sections. Rollers of different sizes are available and the hairs of different sections are rolled on these rollers. If you want tight curls then go for small rollers. If you want more wavy loose curls, choose big rollers. Then the chemical perm solution is applied on the rolled hair. Leave the hair so that the solution sets properly in the hair. The role of this chemical solution is to break the protein bonds of the hair, to make them flexible as they have to be re-shaped. Now is the turn of rinsing the hair. At least leave a gap of 30 minutes starting from when the solution is applied till you rinse it out. Rinse your hair properly so that there is no trace of chemicals on the hair. After this, the neutralizer should be applied. The work of neutralizer is to cross-effect the work done by chemical solution. It will maintain the level of proteins necessary for the hair. Rinse your hair again after 5 minutes. Now you can remove the rollers and the desired curls will be the result.

Before getting perm, keep in mind not to condition your hair at least 2-3 days before getting perm. Also chemicals can harm your skin, so make sure that you cover your neck, ears and forehead. After that, taking care for perm is also necessary. A day or two is required to settle the perm. Don’t wash your hair for these two to three days. This is necessary so that your perm is maintained for longer time. If you take proper care of your hair after getting perm, it will last for 3-5 months. Take proper care of the hair after getting perm and you will look gorgeous.

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