Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

by Lawrencia Jones

Woman with Long HairLong and silky smooth hair is what women always wish for. Long hair looks good on every face shape. Moreover a variety of haircuts can be done if you have long hair. Although it has its benefits of having longer hair, there are many disadvantages too for having longer hair. Atleast for now we will be focusing on what kinds of hairstyles are most suitable for a woman who has long hair. As many hairstyles can be experimented on long hair, below are some good ones that you could go for, if you have long hair.

Layers is the most common hairstyle for long hair. This hairstyle improves your look and gives you a new refreshed look. Not just common women, many celebrities are also going for this hairstyle. This hairstyle is easily manageable as compared to the following hairstyles. You can use some hair spray or gel or wax to make the hair shiny.

Bangs is also a good choice for long hair as it is a versatile hairstyle. You can choose on side bangs or blunt bangs. Side bangs with closed hair looks very charming. Bangs which just stop till the eyebrows and are cut in blunt manner are blunt bangs and they give you a very stylish look. Also these days, bangs and fringes are back in fashion. So, if you want to look trendy and fashionable, you can try on this hairstyle.

Curls also look lovely if you have long hair. You can go for either tight curls or loose curls. You can keep bangs with curls. Side swept bangs look great with curls. Layers can be tried out in curls too. It depends on your wish weather you want to keep your hair open or not. You can make some bun or knot if you don’t want to keep your hair open. Curls are never out of fashion and if you are fond of curls but have straight long hair, you can curl them up and look stylish.

Ponytail is one of the choices for hairstyles for long hair. Sleek ponytails will just make you look fabulous. You can choose to have bangs along with ponytails. Schoolgirl ponytail can also be made if you are looking for some innocent look. You can also opt for side ponytail as this brings out the features of face very well. Braided ponytail is also one of the good choices if you are going with ponytail option. You can also go with first making a ponytail and then wrapping that ponytail to form bun around the nape. This will make you look attractive.

Updo is also one of the hairstyles which can be tried out for long hair. Buns, knots which can not be made with medium length hair can be easily made with long hair. You can make loose bun at the back having some strands of hair out. Sideways bun or at middle, these two choices should be kept in mind if you are going for a complete updo. Half updo is also a nice choice if you don’t want to go for updo.

Long and straight hair does looks good and can be styled in different ways.

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