Tips on Making Hair Thick

by Lawrencia Jones

Thin hair doesn’t look good and would also not allow you to experiment with different hairstyles. Thin hair would break easily thus resulting in hair loss. No new trendy and latest things like coloring and highlighting can be done on thin hair. Thus, thin hair damages your beauty and can make you look unattractive. So, it becomes important that you have to make your hair thick.

Below some tips on how to make thin hair thick are being mentioned:

1. Thin hair can be result of not eating properly. Proper diet rich in vitamins, proteins and other nutrients should be consumed. Fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish and nuts should be eaten regularly. Don’t go after eating junk food as they won’t do any good to your thin hair.

2. Thin hair would break easily after washing and you will never get thick hair. So, to get thick hair you should wash your hair on alternate days which makes thrice a week or you can also wash twice a week.

3. Also after washing you should not comb your wet hair as then chances of getting thick hair would be reduced.

4. You should use nice and renowned brands for washing and conditioning your hair. Good quality products would show good results on your hair. Cheap shampoos and conditioners can affect your hair badly and also would hinder in making your hair thick. So, either buy hair products from some good salon or go for good brand.

5. Massaging the hair with essential oils would also be helpful in making your thin hair thicker. Massage your hair with olive oil or coconut oil while going to sleep. Rub the scalp properly so that proper nutrients are deposited on the scalp. Nutritious scalp would help to make hair thicker by giving it proper vitamins and other nutrients.

6. Chemical treatment should be avoided as thin hair would become thinner if chemicals are deposited. Highlighting hair, coloring hair, perming or straightening techniques show good results when chemicals are used on the hair. But when these methods are done on thin hair, the hair would become thinner and dream of yours getting thick hair would be shattered. So, you should wait for some time till you get thick hair and then only try out these methods. Also stay put on hair gels or mousse, hair sprays as these too contain chemicals which are not good if you want to make your thin hair thicker.

7. Sun rays can also damage the hair and can hold back the process of making your hair thick. So, whenever you go out in the sun you should protect them by applying a leave-in-conditioner with SPF or cover your hair with hat or scarf. By protecting the hair from sun, you can give your hair boost to become thicker quickly.

8. Fenugreek seeds are great in making hair thick. Make a paste of soaked fenugreek seeds and apply this paste on the hair. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then rinse it off. By doing this regularly for some weeks your hair would surely gain thickness. Apart from fenugreek, henna, eggs and other home ingredients can also help in making hair thick. You should deep condition your hair once a week, as it helps in making thin hair thick.

Keep in mind the above tips if you want to get thicker hair. You will surely look more beautiful when you have thick and beautiful hair which can be styled very easily.

If you want you can also use extensions. There are some choices for hair extensions too. For example you can choose remy hair or you can also go with Indian hair weave There are straight, curly, wavy styles available in hair extensions, so you can select the right kind of extensions based on your hair type.

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