Types of Ponytails for Women

by Lawrencia Jones

Women want to look beautiful if there is any comparison of them with others. They want to be superior from other women in matter of everything even if it is clothes or accessories or shoes. To look beautiful not just these things are necessary, but how to take care of your skin, your hairstyle and many other things too matter a lot. Hairstyles play a very important role in making women look more beautiful. There are many hairstyles which differ according to hair length. Now-a-days ponytails are considered to be one of the running hairstyles. This hairstyle can be carried at any occasion like to office, evening party or some formal event. There are different ways in which a ponytail can be styled and these ways are as follow:

Girls with ponytail hairstyle

  • High ponytail. All the hair is gathered and with the use of ponytail holder the hair is fixed at the crown of the head. During summer time, this ponytail helps to keep the hair fixed up and so there would be less problems in managing them. If all the hair is gathered near the nape of the neck, then this hairstyle is named as Low ponytail. This hairstyle is great when you are going for some job interview or at some job.
  • Side ponytail. The above two ponytails are made at the back of the head. For side ponytail, all the hair is gathered either at right or left side of the head and with the help of ponytail holder hair is fixed. This hairstyle looks very classy and if you are going for some party then you can style your hair according to this hairstyle.
  • Sleek ponytail. This ponytail is the common and most in demand. But for getting this hairstyle it is important that you should have silky, shiny and thin hair. If all these three conditions are satisfied then only you will be able to get this hairstyle. Many celebrities and model are styling their hair according to this hairstyle as this hairstyle makes there hair look shiny and more beautiful. Simple ponytail is made and fixed properly; you can either keep hair up at crown or near nape or just simple at the middle of that.
  • Stacked ponytail. In this hairstyle stacks of ponytails are made. First hair is divided into different sections in up and down wise. You can either make two or three stacks according to your wish. Hair of the upper portion is made in ponytail and fixed with a holder. In the same way the lower portion of hair is made into a ponytail. The lower portion should be directly under the upper portion. Celebrities are trying out this hairstyle as it makes the hair look voluminous. So if you have thin hair and want a hairstyle which will make your hair look thick, then you can go with this hairstyle.
  • Messy ponytail. This hairstyle is good if you have curly hair. If you have straight hair then it is recommended that you should use curling iron to get some waves in your hair so that you can get the messy hair look. Hair in this hairstyle is fixed at the nape or in between the crown and nape. It is not tightly fixed, instead loosely fixed. Take out some strands of hair out to give a messy look. You can add accessories to make your ponytail look prettier.

Ponytails are considered as very trendy and give a classy look. You can try out the above types of ponytails and look more pretty and gorgeous. You can use different types of ponytail holders like elastic bands, plastic clips, clutcher or banana clips to make your ponytail more attractive.

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