Hair Care Tips for Summer

by Lawrencia Jones
woman with long hair laying in bed

Taking proper care for the hair is important as hair can make you look beautiful and gorgeous. You will be able to style your hair differently if the condition of your hair is maintained. Frizzes, split ends, rough hair can be results of not taking proper care. In summer season, due to heat hair get damaged soon. So much care for hair is necessary at that time.

Some tips are mentioned which will be helpful in taking proper care of hair in summer season:

Woman With Long Hair– Due to much heat of sun in summer season, it is advisable to cover up the head so that the heat doesn’t affect the hair much. Use a hat or scarf to cover the head whenever you going out. If you don’t like using hat or scarf then use conditioner which can protect against harmful sun rays. Conditioners which contain a good amount of SPF should be bought.

– Hair should be washed at max 2 times a week. If you wash hair more than 2 times, they can become drier. Also while washing the hair it is advisable to wash them with cold water. Hot water wash can make the hair rough and dry.

– Deep condition the hair at least once a week. It is important so that the proper moisture content and smoothness of the hair is maintained.

– Use of hot machines like blow dryer, rollers and flat/curling iron should be avoided as much heat can destroy the texture of the hair. At summer time, there is already much time in the atmosphere and if you apply more heat, the hair can get damaged. If you can’t resist the above machines, you should apply leave-in conditioner so that it normalizes the effect of the machines.

– Proper eating and drinking water is necessary. Diet affects a lot in maintaining the hair in proper condition. You should at least drink 8 glasses water daily. Eat vitamin and protein rich items as they can help in making the hair shiny and strong.

– Avoid hair products which contain alcohol as they can make the hair drier in summer season.

– Use natural products like egg white, yogurt, neem leaves for the hair as they will make the hair look good. Massage the head with oils like coconut oil or jojoba oil or olive oil as these oils maintain the moisture content of the hair and provide vitamins to the hair.

– Use of chemical products through processes like highlighting, coloring, perming or any other should be avoided during summer time. If you want to color your hair do it before summer or wait until this season is over. There is an adverse effect already due to the heat and in addition to that these chemicals can damage the hair. So, it is advisable not to use many chemicals on the hair.

Also during summer, it is better to keep the hair short. If you keep long hair much care has to be taken, instead short hairstyles have now become trend. If you are keeping ponytails as your hairstyle don’t keep tight ponytails as this can result in breaking of hair. Pre-hair care before going in swimming pool or at beach has to be taken as chlorine can affect the hair badly. Trim your hair at regular intervals so that there are fewer chances of split ends. Also if there are frizzes already, then they can be removed by trimming the hair. If you take proper care of your hair, they will look beautiful and shiny and it also helps you indirectly in looking gorgeous. Keep in mind above tips and care for your hair properly.

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