Different Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

by Lawrencia Jones
hairstyle for teenage girls

Hairstyles matter a lot in making one look more beautiful and attractive. There are lots of hairstyles which can be experimented to look stylish. These days celebrities too are changing their look by just changing their hairstyle. For getting a new and refreshed look one can change the hairstyle and look different from usual. There are some hairstyles which suit only on teens and in this article some hairstyles especially for teenage girls are being mentioned.

Hairstyle for Teenage GirlsLayered Hairstyle – If you have long hair, then this hairstyle is the best to go for. Many teenage celebrities go for layers in their hair, as this hairstyle looks very good and goes with any face shape. You can opt for small layers i.e. distance between the layers will be small or for big layers i.e. distance between the layers will be big. This hairstyle looks good on medium length hair too. When layers are done on short hair then that hairstyle is called Shag Hairstyle. This hairstyle too is very common among teens as it makes them stand out differently in a good way from others.

Bob Hairstyle – For short or medium length hair, bob hairstyle is considered as a good option. No matter whether your hair is straight or curly, this hairstyle looks good in both cases. This hairstyle is a very trendy and stylish one and will make you look gorgeous. Also you can carry this hairstyle on every occasion thus making it very versatile. The bangs in this hairstyle add more beauty to the face. Keep it side swept for getting a chic look and if your face is bit long in height then you should keep the bangs in front on forehead only.

Updos – Doing updos look good on teens when they are dressing up for any good occasion like prom night or other informal parties. Cute updos are very common among teens as they make them look innocent and stylish at one time. Sleek updos and messy updos are the ones which can be tried out if you want to look more beautiful. You can even go for half updo hairstyle as this too is a very option.

Ponytails – This is classic hairstyle which never goes out-of-fashion. Straight, sleek ponytails will make you look more beautiful and stylish. Different types of ponytail holders are available which adds more beauty in the ponytail. No matter what your hair length is, ponytails look good on everyone. Either you have straight hair or curly hair or layered hair, ponytails can be accomplished with one of them. Low ponytail, high ponytail and side ponytail are the types which are seen among ponytails. Also when you are in teens, you have to look innocent and chic at same time and this can be accomplished by ponytails.

Try out these hairstyles and you will surely look more stylish and gorgeous by just changing your hairstyle.

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