Home Remedies for Treating Oily Hair

by Lawrencia Jones
No Oily Hair

Oily hair is like a curse for most of the women having it. It just spoils their image and makes them look unattractive. They try and hide their hair wherever possible and trying out different hairstyles can not be afforded by them. The extra oil secretion is not good and it only destroys all good looks. But there are some tips which if followed helps to deal with oily hair.

Over here, some home remedies are mentioned which helps to treat oily hair:

– Alcohol and beer are considered as very good things which keep the condition of oily hair well maintained. They make the hair dry and control the extra oil generation in the hair. Rinse the hair with any of them diluted in water after shampooing the hair. But make sure that you don’t use them frequently as they can make the hair drier, generating more oil and worsening the situation.

– Lemon juice is also considered as a good thing against oily hair. Mix lemon juice and water in equal proportion and massage your hair with it after you are done with apply shampoo. Rinse with lukewarm or cold water. Do this twice a week and you will see that your hair looks good and you can easily handle it.

– Acidic property of lemon juice is very good and because of that only the problem of extra oil production is solved and the hair would gain some shine too. In the same way vinegar can also be used to cure oily hair. Apply it on hair by mixing it with water and then leave it for 15 minutes. Then rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water.

– Baking soda is a good ingredient which can be used to decrease the extra oil generation. Mix it with water or your mild shampoo and apply it on hair normally. This is a good technique to take care of oily hair.

– Rosemary herb is a good ingredient which can be found at home and can be used against oily hair. It works against the extra building up of the oils in the hair and thus would maintain the level of oils too. You can simply mix the herb in water and apply it in the hair. Massage your hair with the fingers properly so that the herb does its work. You can also combine rosemary oil with vinegar and add other essential oils if you want and rinse your hair with this mixture. You can also buy shampoos available in stores and which contain this herb. This herb works very well against oily hair.

– Hair mask too helps in maintaining the condition of oily hair. You can make a hair mask by using Sapindus and Acacia Concinna. Keep sapindus in water for overnight and on next morning mash them. Also add the powder form of acacia concinna in it. Use this mixture for cleaning oily hair properly. The extra buildup of oils will be maintained by using the above two things in proper ratio.

Take care of your hair as they are important in making you look more beautiful and stylish. Different hairstyles can be tried on hair if they are in good condition. So, keep in mind the above tips and treat oily hair so that you look more beautiful and gorgeous.

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