How to Get the 50s Hairstyles

by Lawrencia Jones

50s hairstyleFrom early days, women liked to do experiments with their hairstyles. They try to wear different type of hairstyles in order to look more beautiful and attractive. In different eras, women did have different hairstyles. Fifties hairstyle were soft and curly that included beehive, ponytail, poodle cut, French twist, bouffant etc. in that time there was a craze of curly and short hairs. One cans easily wear 50s hairstyles, as it was very simple and easy to manage.

That time ponytail was a most common hairstyle for women. That style was very easy to wear and also looks amazing when did with straight and long hairs. To do this hairstyle pulls all hairs together back at the center of head and now for keep those in place tie them with an elastic band.

Another popular style in 1950 was French twist. In this style one can gather all hair together at the back of the head, and then twist the hair to form a vertical roll. After that you can hold hair up with roll against the back of the head, and secure ends neatly under roll of hair with bobby pins.

Next popular hairstyle of the late 1950’s was the bouffant. To create the bouffant the hair is teased viciously from the root so that it stands away from the scalp and flowed down from the crown area. This style also needs hairspray in order to hold in place. Some women also love to worn circle cut with a roller set and styled with some height into a “bouffant” style. Beehive is also one of the popular hairstyle that time, which needs some attainment. For this hairstyle, one should need clean completely dry hair.

That time curls was in fashion thus pin curls was also in fashion that time. Now days also this style come back among women. In this style one teasing their wet hairs, around the finger then fasten them in an X pattern with the help of bobby pins. Leave them overnight. In morning, you can see finger-fluff curls. Remember do not use a comb or brush on that curls otherwise, they become straight.

Hairstyles of 50s were looks very feminine and beautiful. That’s why today these style again come back among women.

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