Basic Beauty Tips for Dry Skin

by Lawrencia Jones

Women in spa with face maskSkin is the most important thing which should be taken care of properly. Either it is hands or legs or your face, proper maintenance and care is required for everything. There are different skin types, mainly dry, oily, normal and combination. Dry skin lacks moisture where as oily skin has large content of oils. Combination skin type is just a mixture of dry and oily skin where some areas are dry while some are oily. Knowing your skin type and using products based on that information is very crucial if you want beautiful skin and want to stay away from adverse effects of using the wrong type of products for your skin.

In this article beauty tips for dry skin have been mentioned below:

  • Exfoliation is necessary for dry skin. This help to regain the required oils for the body. Also this will remove the dry, dead skin cells and dirt from the face. You can either exfoliate once or twice a week. You can also opt to cleanse your face on a regular basis. Choose a good face-wash and clean your face using it. You can also choose aloe-vera for cleansing.
  • Content of moisture in dry skin is less than normal, so the skin dries out frequently. So, it is important to maintain the moisture content. For this you should use a moisturizer daily. Special care should be taken in winters as the skin tends to become drier at that time. So, at that time you should massage your body twice or thrice a day with the moisturizer.
  • Dry skin needs extra care. For this extra care you can apply good nourishing cream at night so that the next morning skin remains moisturized and soft. You can also use some oils like olive oil or almond oil and massage the whole body with them.
  • You can massage the body with milk or the cream of the milk for 10-15 minutes. After this you can wash it off with cold water. This will help to keep the skin soft and smooth.
  • If you are already using dry soap to wash your body, then avoid using them. By using the dry soap, skin dryness increases. So instead of dry soap, use a mild soap or soap especially for dry skin.
  • You can apply mask on the face to make it soft, smooth and glowing. Mixture of fuller’s earth, rosewater, honey and orange juice can be applied to face and left for 10-15 minutes. This removes the dryness of the skin. Regular use of this mask is recommended as its frequent use will make the skin smooth.
  • You should apply a lip balm or oil or gel on the lips so that they won’t chap out. Chapped lips won’t give an attractive look.
  • Diet also affects the skin. To remove the dryness of the skin, you should eat vitamin rich food items, oats, avocado, other fruits and vegetables. Among vitamins also make sure that you get vitamin A and E in proper amount.
  • Humidifier will help to regain the smoothness of the skin. It will help to maintain the moisture level of the skin. In winters the skin becomes drier, so at that time a humidifier is necessary.

Take care of your skin properly. You will look beautiful if your skin breathes properly. Your skin has to look beautiful if you want to hear any complements about your skin. Try out above tips if you have dry skin and surely your skin will become soft and smooth and everybody will complement you for your skin.

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