Five Tips To Feel Sexy In Your Own Skin

by Lawrencia Jones

Everybody talks about doing things to feel sexy. What most people fail to understand is that feeling sexy it’s not just about what you put on, it’s all about self-awareness. Yes, this may seem a hard concept to swallow but once you get the hang of it and start feeling good about yourself, everyone around you will be attracted by you.

And really, the path from where you are right now and feeling that you’re not good enough to higher self-appreciation is shorter than you think. Here are five simple steps to remind you how sexy it feels in your own skin:

Women with great body and lovely skin1. Exfoliate
Yes, this is so important. It’s like throwing away old stuff and making room for something new in your life. Mildly exfoliating dead skin cells is important to achieving a glowing skin. Don’t overdo it, 2-3 times a week for oily skin and no more than once a week for sensitive skin should be enough.

2. Pick the Right Lotion
Moisturizers were created for various skin types so choose the one that works best for you. If you have dry skin, try an oil-based lotion with silicone, ceramides or glycerin, as these hydrators will help moisture remain in your skin for longer. For oily skin, choose a water-based cream so it won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts. Mixed and normal skin types should try light moisturizers that contain sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid, which attract water from the air to your skin. It’s best to apply the cream right after you shower to put in more moisture.

3. Maintain Your Bikini Line
It doesn’t have to be a beach day to feel good about your body. Women often neglect their bikini line, thinking that if they won’t go for a swim or spend a night with their partner, there’s no use in nurturing themselves. Well, even a small thing as keeping your bikini like in check all year round will make you feel so much sexier. A little tip: after plucking the hairs or trimming them with scissors, apply a little a sunless tanner for better results.

4. Spend Some ME Time In The Bathroom
Make some time just for you and pamper yourself in the tub. Turn your bathroom into your own spa and play with oils, scrubs, hair treatments and more. Gently massage your body with a plant soap and observe the smell, the touch, the sensations in your body. Let the water pour gently with no pressure, just like a mild and warm rain.

5. Have Sex
There are endless reasons why sex is great for your skin. It improves blood circulation and gives you a glowing complexion. It eliminates or reduces dry skin, toxins and acne. Getting busy could also take years off your face by boosting collagen production, which also reduces age spots and wrinkles.
Not only that, but studies revealed that pregnant women also experience the benefits of glowing skin. But don’t panic! Even if you’re staying safe helps your complexion too. The hormones in the birth control pills regulate the skin, by keeping your skin blemish-free.
And not in the least, stop comparing yourself to other people. Discover your beauty and sexiness with these simple tips and experiment. Enjoy yourself and focus on what’s sexy!

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