Getting Rid of Persistent Freckles Quick and Easy

by Lawrencia Jones

Fair-skinned people are always appreciated for their white, royal-looking complexion; but if there’s one thing they always seem to hate, that’s their freckles. Sure, they are nice and cute when you are a kid. Still, when you’re trying to pass off as a super-confident person, those freckles aren’t doing you any favors. People either go for covering them with foundation or opt for laser surgery.

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Instead of going for invasive surgery or other means that only hide them, why not try to get rid of them with the help of some readily-available cosmetic products? It isn’t only much cheaper, but you can also get a long-lasting result if you use the right product.

The Cause of Freckles

If you are a “happy” case of freckles, then you probably know that they are not only limited to the face. In fact, if you make a habit out of exposing yourself to direct sunlight, you shouldn’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself covered entirely by the little spots.

Theoretically speaking, people with fair skin do not have as much melanin in their epidermis as their darker counterparts. Usually, it’s that exact melanin that allows us to get that tanned look. The more you expose the melanin to the sun, the darker your skin will get.

However, if you are a fair person and you stay into the sun too much, you’ll tan just as much melanin as you have – which is limited. Instead of getting a tan, you will be blessed with some brown spots here and there.

Using Cosmetics to Remove Freckles

When we say cosmetics, we don’t necessarily refer to foundation; that is only meant to cover the source of evil without actually removing it. However, some products were specially made to clear the skin so that you can go makeup free.

There are many ways in which these products can work. For example, they can block your melanin production. Therefore, they leave nothing for the sun to burn. They can work by exfoliated the dead, “tanned” skin. Or they can simply bleach the dark spots with active substances such as hydroquinone, vitamin C or kojic acid.

Keep in mind that these results will never be visible on the first try. You may have to use said products several times until you see noticeable effects.

What to Use?

After extensive trials, these were the products that proved to be most useful for freckle removal. Let’s take them one by one.

1. BEAUTY FACIAL EXTREME Dark Spot Corrector Cream

People with fair skins are the ones who are most predisposed to skin issues. That’s why they should avoid using too many chemicals on their complexion. The BFE skin corrector cream is perfect for this; having no parabens or hydroquinone in its formula, it’s perfectly safe for use regardless of the skin type.

This product is said to reduce freckles by diminishing the melanin synthesis up to 80%. Therefore, you will have a clearer and brighter skin that is also going to be hydrated.

The correcting cream is also rich in ascorbic content. In addition to the sodium ascorbyl phosphate, it has orange and lemon extract. These powerful substances will help in bleaching the skin. By using this product on a regular basis, you are bound to see results in just a few weeks.

2. ORGANYC “Glow” Skin Brightening Cream

As the name already implies, this product doesn’t only bleach your blemishes but also does it in a safe, organic way. Packed with natural melanin inhibitors, it will stop its production, allowing you to have a skin that is beautiful and clear in just a couple of weeks.

This cream is perfect for those with sensitive skin due to its peppermint, green tea, and jojoba oil extracts. They will nourish and hydrate the complexion, preventing any further blemishes from appearing.

By using this cream regularly, you are prone to see results in around four weeks. After that, you can say goodbye to skin foundations!

3. M&M BEAUTY Best Age Spot Remover

This cream was created to treat a large range of blemishes, from rosacea to age spots and freckles. Not only does it work by eliminating the dark spots, but it also has the ability to even out your skin tone.

It combines natural ingredients with just 2% hydroquinone. So, this product has just enough chemicals to be considered safe on safe skin. But it’s this specific compound that allows you to have immediate results. With its generous and rich formula, you get your desired freckle-free skin in only a couple of weeks.

4. CLINICIANS COMPLEX Skin Bleaching Cream

This product is made from a blend of three of the most potent skin lightening ingredients: bearberry, kojic acid, and hydroquinone. So, this cream is advertised to bleach your freckles away in just a few weeks.

Plus, on top of these ingredients, you also get vitamin C and E – also very potent substances that will remove your dark spots. Keep in mind that since this cream is very powerful, it’s not recommended for those who suffer from psoriasis or eczema. If you have these problems, wait until your skin has healed first. After that, you can use the product.

5. CLIA BEAUTY Skin Lightening Cream with Retinol

This product has achieved tremendous results both in labs and in home use. Packed with retinol, vitamin A, and structural protein collagen, this cream will not only get you rid of freckles but will also help you fight the aging process.

The provided quantity is generous. Moreover, in a couple of weeks, you are bound to see dramatic results on your skin.

If you’ve been relying on makeup to get rid of those annoying freckles, you shouldn’t worry anymore. You will no longer have to consider costly laser procedures to get rid of this problem. Also, you won’t have to spend hours painting yourself in front of a bathroom mirror. The products above are healthy and powerful and will help you kiss those freckles goodbye!

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