Tips on How to Look Taller

by Lawrencia Jones
woman standing on a tall building

Most of the women wish they would have tall height and zero size figure. But nobody is perfect and everybody has both plus and minus points about the figure. The women who are small in height, face constant problem with their height. As they are short heighted, they want to look taller. They don’t know how to choose clothes and accessories such that they appear taller and more beautiful.

If you are petite women and want to look taller, then this article is for you, as in this article some tips on how to look taller are being mentioned:

Girls Legs– Heels are the best choice to look tall. Wear fashionable and stylish heels to look tall and beautiful at the same time. You can go with wedges, stilettos, pumps or slingbacks as any of them would do the desired effect. You can also choose high heel boots as they too can be paired with most of the clothes. Keep in mind that you should select the heels in which you are comfortable in walking.

– Vertical lined tops or dresses can do the effect of making you look taller. You can go with any of these as both are nice options and you will surely look stylish in them. You can also go with vertical lined cardigan or sweater above simple top and jeans/pants as it too will make you look taller.

– Wear monochrome look. You should dress up in one color from top to bottom if you want to look taller. But in monochrome look it is advisable that you should choose dark colors like black, brown or blue and not light colors like yellow or orange as light colors won’t do the effect of making you look tall.

– You should wear tops which are tight fitted and have full sleeves or 3/4th sleeve length as they would make the upper part of your body look long. When considering tops and shirts, v-neckline also makes you appear taller. You can also go with v-neck sweater or v-neck sweater dress as it also gives desired output and also looks very trendy and fashionable. Tucked-in tops and shirts look very cool and also will make up appear tall in height.

– When you choosing jeans to make you look taller, then the best option is to choose which is straight cut jeans. You can choose jeans with embroidery if you want to look more beautiful with simple top.

– You can wear knee length skirt or the one which ends above knees to look tall heighted. Mini skirts too look great on short women and would also help to make you look taller. The same effect can be obtained by wearing shorts.

– If you wear clothes in such a way that the color of your boots and jeans is the same then too you would look taller. In this case, you can go with any color for the top or shirt.

– Accessories can also create an illusion of height. Wear some dangling earrings or hoop earrings or long chains which reach till mid of chest or hats or scarves. All these things will add more height to your body and along with this you will also look more beautiful.

Keep in mind the above tips and dress accordingly. You will surely look more beautiful and stylish and obviously taller than before.

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