How to do Manicure at Home

by Lawrencia Jones

To enhance the beauty of your hands you should make them look clean and healthy. Manicure is a treatment for your nails and hands. The main purpose of the manicure is to prevent nail damage and wrinkling of the skin on the hand.

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Steps for doing manicure at home

The very first step towards doing manicure is to clean your hands. Wash off your hands and remove old nail polish from your nails with a polish remover using a soft cloth or a cotton ball.

Then shape-up your nails by cutting or filing them. Select what kind of shape you want either a rounded one or a square one. You should file the nails with back and forth strokes on emory board. To file properly, start with the file at the outer edge of the nail and move towards the center.

Take a bowl of warm water and add shampoo to make it soapy. Soak the hands in water to soften dry skin and rough cuticles. Carefully dry the hand by holding a small towel and place, the hand on the towel. For dry hands you should apply cuticle oil to soften the rough spots.

Just push the cuticles back, doing this will not make them come into the way of polishing.

Now you can scrub your hands for two or three minutes with a body scrub. You can also use some homemade stuff like olive oil and raw sugar.

Now after scrubbing your hands you should dry them well enough and then apply a good moisturizer on it.

Now it is the time to apply the polish. You should apply a base coat first of all and then two thin coats of polish on it.

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