Tips for Taking Proper Care of Your Legs

by Lawrencia Jones

Women like to be center of attraction. They want that everyone should complement them for their beauty. For this they will buy expensive and stylish clothes, apply good makeup, will take care of their skin. Just imagine if everything is perfect except for legs, then all what you thought about complements, those dreams will be shattered. So, it is necessary that along with hands, face and clothes, yours legs also have to be maintained properly.  Below are some tips for taking proper care of your legs.

Beautiful Legs

  • Always wash your feet after coming back from outside. This will not allow dirt and germs to settle on legs and thus not making them look dirty.
  • You can massage your legs with olive oil or sandalwood oil for ten minutes before you take bath. This will leave your legs smooth.
  • Avoid frequent waxing or shaving your legs as it will spoil the look of your legs.
  • Heels also have to be taken care of properly. Make sure they are not cracked. If they are cracked then apply oil or lemon juice with petroleum jelly to them and massage regularly. This will heal them in short span of time and will make them shiny.
  • Before going to sleep, rub a good moisturizer or lotion to your legs. Women who are working don’t get time to take care for themselves at day time. This tip is useful for them and can be used by non-working women too.
  • Giving a good pedicure to your legs and toe nails will make them appear beautiful. A stone is rubbed near ankle, heels and all over the leg to remove the dead skin cells.
  • Skin becomes dry in winters. So, in winters it is advisable to keep your legs immersed in hot water vessel and massage them with lemon and a good shampoo. After this wash your legs with cold water. The skin will become soft and will shine.
  • If you have dark colored knees and want to wear a short dress, then massage your feet, knees and ankle with mixture of vinegar and curd. Rinse it off after 5 minutes. This will make the color of knees light.

If you have smooth and well maintained legs then you can expose them by wearing knee-length dress. This will make you look stunning. But to obtain well-maintained legs above tips should be followed.

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