Tips on Ear Piercing

by Lawrencia Jones
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Getting an ear pierced is considered as style statement. Not only today but in olden days also the women used to get their ears pierced. Nowadays women like to get their ears pierced as it looks very trendy and makes them look more beautiful. Hole is made in the skin of ear and jewelry is put to decorate that hole. There are different places on the ear which can be pierced. There are different types of jewelry available in the market which can be used for the ears.

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There are different styles too for getting the ear pierced. Style varies as the position varies. There are 10-12 places on the ear where the piercing can be done. Among all these places the one done on the ear lobe is the most common one. Ear lobe piercing is generally the preferred one as it is the least painful area if piercing is done. Colorful earring is used to fill out the space on the lobe. This earring can be long, short, round, oval, square, hoop or any other type. Jewel studded earring can also be one of the choices.  You can also select the ear plugs if you like them. It is must that you take proper care of the ear after you have got it pierced. General healing time for ear lobe piercing is about one and half month. Make sure that if the thickness of skin at lobe is more than normal, then the healing time will be more than 6 weeks.

Helix and industrial are the next common types of ear piercing. Both of these styles are done in the upper part of the ear. Among the two the industrial piercing has become very familiar these days, as there are two holes made in this type. Generally, hoop earring is used for helix piercing but studs and circular barbells can also be used. For industrial piercing, bar or straight barbells are used. Healing time for helix piercing is about 8 weeks whereas for industrial one is about 10-12 months. For both the types you should make sure that you don’t prick or touch the place, as it can spread the infection and there can be difficulties in healing process.

Tragus and anti-tragus are another type of ear piercing. Thick area of cartilage of the ear is tragus and the area directly opposite to it is anti-tragus. Pain experienced during piercing is bit high as compared to the above styles. In both of this kinds of piercing curved barbells or small hoops can be used as jewelry. The healing time for both of them is around 4-5 months, so you will have to be careful while picking up the phone or placing head-phones as it can damage the piercing area.

The other types of styles are forward helix, snug, rook and daith. You can try on these types too. Trying out any style is acceptable but you will have to make sure that it heals properly or else there are chances of getting an ear infection. Don’t prick or touch the area where you have pierced recently. Also don’t remove the earring otherwise there are chances that the hole might get closed and again getting pierced at the same place can be more painful. In industrial piercing it is specially advised not to remove the straight barbells as there is possibility that both the holes get closed. Take care of your ear after getting it pierced then only you can put on different types of earrings. Different and colorful, gem studded earrings will surely look beautiful on your face.

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