Tips for Preventing Hair Fall

Hair looks good on head and not on floor. There are many reasons due to which hair falls. There can be small amount of hair fall initially which can lead baldness on the head. So, you will have to take proper care when you start seeing breakage of hair regularly.

Here are some tips which helps to stop the hair fall:

Girl with Great Hair– It is important that you should keep your hair natural. Don’t try artificial things like highlighting, coloring, doing perm etc on your hair. But these things are trendy these days, so it is obvious you will try them. If you are trying them out then make sure you don’t do regularly. Applying chemicals on hair make them rough, dry and also decreases their strength and thus make them fall.

– Reasons of hair fall can be many such as dandruff, stress, improper diet, improper sleep etc. Dandruff arises in the head when your skin becomes dry and it affects hair very badly. Strength of hair is weakened, they become dull and rough and gradually they start to fall. Thus, dandruff leads to hair fall. If this is the case then you should try good anti-dandruff shampoo or mixture of henna, gooseberry and shikakai or apply curd, egg during hair wash or apply oil to strengthen your hair. This will decrease dandruff, thus decreasing hair fall.

– Diet should be taken properly as it is also one of the reasons to prevent hair fall. You should include nuts in your diet regularly. Moreover proper intake of iron, proteins, vitamins, calcium should be there to make your hair strong.

– Sleep affects brain in a lot of ways. If you don’t get proper sleep, you feel stressed up. Stress leads to tension which leads to hair fall. So, it is advisable to have 7 hours sleep everyday. Proper sleep will be very helpful to stop hair loss.

– After you wash your hair, in order to make them dry it is not necessary that every time dryer should be used. Hair becomes rough by frequently using dryer and so they break easily. The same effect is being seen when curling iron or straightening iron are used in regular basis. So, you should avoid them to prevent hair fall.

– Hairstyles in which hair are tied tightly should be avoided as they tend to make hair break.

– Intake of alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes should be abstained.

– Home remedies also help to stop hair fall. You can mix coconut oil with camphor and apply that on the hair. You can also rub lime on scalp or use lime water while washing hair. You can massage your hair with either olive oil or coconut oil as these oils strengthens your hair and saves hair from falling.  Most important of them all is, proper way and correct time of washing hair. Hair should be washed regularly and in right manner so that no dirt or germs are collected in the scalp and thus making it dirty and weak.

If you have some patches in your scalp where there is no hair, then you should consult a hair specialist. Otherwise for small amount of hair fall the above point should be kept in mind and by doing accordingly your hair will become strong and thus beautiful.

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