Basic tips on hair care

by Lawrencia Jones

hair care women picYour hair does play an important role in your beauty. Beautiful hair can totally change your personality so every woman wants to make her hair soft, shiny and silky. Hair is the most exposed part of our body, because of that reason they are very easily ruin able with dust and sun. UV rays are very harmful for the hairs. Moreover When you are choosing any hair product it is very important to choose the right kind of products according to your type of hair. Hair is very important part of our personality so it is our duty that we take care of it and keep them healthy.

For healthy and shiny hair you might need to keep your hair always clean. Also protect them from ultraviolet rays of sun. For that purpose you can use scarf or umbrella whenever you go out in sun.

It is also necessary that there is no dandruff in your hairs. So you can also select to use anti dandruff shampoo, when you choose to apply shampoo.

Always use a small amount of shampoo to wash hairs because a excessive use of shampoo may damage your hairs and also do not comb you hair while they are wet. A conditioner is also helpful for make your hair healthy. You can use some natural conditioner like heena, curd and egg. Daily use of shampoo is sometime very harmful.
Massaging your scalp for 5 minutes a day can also make your hair stronger, thicker, and grow in faster. You can choose to do it dry, or use an oil. You can even do it while you are shampooing. Some people daily use a hair drier, it isn’t a good habit because daily use of a hair drier is also harmful for hairs. So you should try to avoid using a hair drier. Regularly trimming your hair also keeps it healthy.

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