Bridal Makeup

by Lawrencia Jones

Wedding day is a very special day in every woman’s life. You want to look perfect on that day. Your looks depend upon your dressing and makeup. A proper makeup can make you one of the most beautiful bride. In reality bridal makeup starts few days before the wedding.  Facial should be done before a week of wedding. Hair nail and skin treatment should be completed before 3-4 weeks of the wedding. I would try to mention some tips for bridal makeup and I hope they might help you.

Start bridal makeup with face scrub or cleanser which helps to clean up your face. Then massage with an ice cube on your face so that it keeps your makeup fresh for a long time. After that apply foundation according to your face color. Then use loose powder to set the foundation perfectly .Foundation provides a base to your makeup. Now start eyes makeup with eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. Use shimmer power to make your eyes sparkling. If your eyelashes are thin or less you can also use fake eyelashes. Try to avoid dark color cream-based eye shadow. It is better to use water proof eye makeup. Once eye makeup is completed start lip makeup with lip liner then go for lipstick. In end to make your cheeks appear beautiful use pink or golden shimmery blusher. It is good if you apply makeup and foundation on your neck, chest and ears too.

Whenever you apply any makeup it is necessary to conduct a test which is known as patch test. By patch test you can know that the makeup you are going to apply weather it is suitable for your skin or not. After doing the patch test you can analyze the result and I everything is good then you can freely apply makeup.

Although bridal makeup is a very important part of weeding you should also pay proper attention towards choosing your wedding dress. When wedding dress and makeup both are perfect then you will really look great. Wedding is a very special day and bride is center of the attraction on that day that’s why it is advisable that you take professional makeup artist help. It is also good to rehearse all the things that will affect your wedding dressing and makeup. It will help you to take the right decision weather you are looking best with this makeup or not.

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