Makeup tips for a perfect date

by Lawrencia Jones

So you are going for a date. Now I know the feeling how thousands of thoughts might go through your mind and you get worried for nothing. It isn’t just you, but it is a normal scenario that happens with everyone. If you have prior experience for getting ready for a date then you might already know, what are the things which one should keep in her mind when getting ready for her date. Even most experienced ones do have anxiety from within that do I look good enough? Does my face look too dull? Is my hair looking as smooth and silky as I want it to appear?

The very first thing that you should do is tell yourself from within that this is nothing but anxiety. Now think weather it is a day time date or are you planning for a late night get together to hang around at some party places. Depending on the place and time you should choose what kind of colors and shades will go along with your dressing and your skin tones.

Just make sure that you aren’t overdoing it as you don’t want all the attention to be focused upon your makeup and fake eye lashes and stuff but you also want to get some attention to yourself. Otherwise overdoing the things would ruin the whole picture that you are trying to create. So do it but keep in mind that everything should be in proper balance. Overdoing is a big turnoff.

Apply smoother and softer tones of makeup if it is a daytime date and try to experiment a bit with darker tones if it is for night.

Select proper clothing that will make you comfortable for the date. Also select colors that won’t be too harsh on eyes, as they might create distraction and take the focus away from you.

Also don’t forget to double check what makeup accessories you are going to carry in your handbag. They should be small and should serve the purpose. You should carry some tissues, some powder, the lipstick too that you are using and perfume so you can update your look if the date carries on for extended time.

If you forget anything then don’t get all excited and worried about it. The occasion is meant for enjoying it and focusing on other things then just makeup alone. Makeup is just a part of it, but if done properly and if it blends in with the whole experience then you are ready for having a wonderful time.

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