Common Makeup Blunders that Should be Avioded

by Lawrencia Jones

Scattered NailPolish on FloorMakeup on the face is applied in order to look more beautiful and to hide out some flaws if any. Makeup should be done in an appropriate manner. It should not be too loud nor too dull. The colors chosen should suit your face and the shades should complement your skin tone too. The overall effect of the makeup should also be according to the occasion that you are going to attend after wearing that makeup on yourself. If proper attention is not given then you are doing no good to yourself, instead you are just ruining your looks. There are some common mistakes, which you should avoid if you are a newbie in the makeup department. Some of these errors are mentioned over here that you can keep in your mind when you are applying your makeup.

  • Always highlight only one part of your face with makeup. You should not highlight eyes and lips at same time. Don’t ever put on dark colors on lips and eyes at one time. If you want to flaunt your eyes than choose dark colors only for eye shadow and light colors or probably nude for lips. But if you want to flaunt your lips than choose bold color lipstick and light color eye shadow.
  • Always choose shade of foundation which matches your skin tone. Light shades are appreciated. Don’t ever choose shades which are darker than your skin tone.
  • While you apply foundation on the face make sure it blends properly with your skin otherwise it will look like you have put on some mask. Don’t forget to cover your neck with foundation as the non-makeup area will get highlighted when compared to the area on which makeup is applied.
  • Never ever put on too much mascara on the eye lashes. Extra mascara will decrease the strength of lashes and then they will fall easily. Also do not put on mascara on lower eye lash, you just have to put it on upper eye lash.
  • Eyeliner isn’t always necessary, but if you want to put it on then make sure you put just a little bit of it. Don’t put in a thick line otherwise you get a “raccoon eye” effect. Along with this keep in mind to put the eyeliner on both the lashes.
  • For blush, keep in mind that you have to apply it at apples of cheeks not on all over cheeks.
  • Don’t ever choose same color & shade for blush, lipstick and eye shadow. This will surely make you look like a clown. Just imagine red blush with red lipstick and red eye shadow… you are ready to go in circus as a clown. So avoid one color for all the three.
  • “All that glitters is not gold”. You would have heard this proverb many times. But this goes well in context of makeup. If you choose some shiny eye shadow, lip gloss than the overall appearance would glitter in a wrong way. If you choose everything which has a shiny effect then everyone would surely want to stay away from you. Therefore avoid too much shine in your makeup items.
  • The occasion matters a lot while putting on the makeup. If you are going for a job interview, then you should not choose dark and loud makeup. Instead go with light shades, preferably which matches your skin. For some party at evening you can choose darker shades. Keep in mind that you have to play with your makeup according to the place where you are going.

These are few mistakes, which every new beginner makes. This article will help you out so that you do not make such mistakes. Always keep the above tips in your mind and then only start applying the makeup and I am sure you will look gorgeous if you don’t commit any of these above mentioned mistakes.

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