Makeup Tips for Getting a Party Look

by Lawrencia Jones

Party Look for GirlsEvery woman goes to some party or the other and over there she wants to look her best. For this she will buy new and expensive clothes, accessories and sandals. She will make sure before hand that everything is all right and perfect as she wants it to be. When she is already dressing up so nicely, she will expect that her makeup is also flawless as she wants to look gorgeous out there. Makeup for parties is slightly different from other makeup styles.

In this article, tips related to makeup for party have been mentioned:

  1. Make sure that your skin is neat and clean. If it is not then clean it will a good cleanser. Cleansing the face is an important thing as it will help to create a good base for makeup.
  2. After cleansing, moisturizer should be used. It helps to keep skin smooth and soft. Choose the moisturizer according to your skin type. If it is oily than select one especially for oily skin.
  3. Foundation is the first step when you are starting to apply makeup. Select foundation which matches with your skin color or go one or two tones lighter. You can either select powder based or liquid or creamy foundation according to your skin type. Apply it properly on the whole face and neck.
  4. To conceal the flaws, you can apply concealer on the face. Many types of concealer are available in the market. You can choose any as per your wish. Apply concealer under the eyes to hide the dark circles and other blemishes on the face.
  5. For shiny effect you can dab some loose powder on the face after foundation has been applied.
  6. For eye shadow you can select cream based or powder based eye shadow. If you are going to some evening or night party then you can choose glittering coloring but if you are going to some day party then choose normal colors only. Gold, silver and bronze are some common colors for glittering effect. For eyeliner you can either go for light or dark shade and it should match the color of eye shadow. For mascara you should at least apply 2 coats. This will make you look more beautiful. You can go for fake eyelashes as they will make you look more stunning.
  7. For some dramatic effect you can select the smokey eye look as it looks very trendy and is in great demand these days. You can also try layer by layer change of color for eye shadow. Like starting directly from beneath the brows and creating a fading gradient as it goes down.
  8. You can play up with your lips easily. But remember if you have done dark makeup on eyes than choose light makeup for lips and if you are going to do dark makeup on lips than keep the makeup on the eyes lighter. You should create a proper outline for the lips with the help of lip liner. Then you should apply lipstick. You can choose liquid lipstick or the one which has matte effect. For glossy effect, you can apply lip gloss too. Now-a-days nude lips look very stylish. So, you can go for nude lips too.
  9. For blush you can select the shade which matches with your dress and accessories. Red, pink and peach are the common ones. But you can go for colors like blue, green, orange, gold etc.
  10. Take care of your nails too. Make sure that you have manicured them properly. Nail color should match the color of the dress or you can go with some contrast colors. Apply a base coat and top coat so that the nail paint looks shiny. You can also go for nail art if you want some beautiful designs on the nails.

Time of the party matters a lot in selecting the colors for makeup. If the party is at day time than make sure your face doesn’t shine much. Also you should select light and bright colors. At an evening party you can go for bold, shiny colors. Keep this and the above points in your mind while applying makeup and you will look stunning and gorgeous.

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