Tips on getting a Foot Massage

by Lawrencia Jones

Foot MassageWomen do lots of things in just one day. They run from here and there to finish their work. In doing so, the condition of feet gets worsened. It is necessary that feet should be taken care of as they help a lot in getting the work done. The skin of feet gets dried up and can also get cracked if it isn’t properly maintained. To maintain the condition of the feet, regular massages should be given. You can also go to some spa for getting a foot massage or you can do it at your home.

Here are some tips given which should be kept in mind while giving a foot massage to yourself:

  1. You should soak your feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes so that they become soft. You can add bath salts or oils in the water to increase the effect on the feet.
  2. After this massage your feet with some good cream or lotion.
  3. While you massage the feet, your hand movement should be reverse i.e. start from toes and move upwards to ankles and further. Use your thumb to give the pressure on feet.
  4. For heels, if they are very dry and cracked, it is advisable to rub pumice stone first and then go any further. Rubbing with pumice stone should be done when they were soaked in water. If they are normal and have to be massaged, then place your hand in such a position that thumbs of both the hands are at sole and fingers are on the feet. Put on strokes with the help of thumbs and massage properly and repeat the process 2-4 times. This helps in proper circulation of blood.
  5. There is also one another way to massage the sole of a foot. Hold your leg from ankle with one hand and with the help of another hand make a fist and put pressure on the sole. Keep in mind to maintain the pressure at the moderate level only. Move your fist in clockwise and anticlockwise direction while applying pressure on the sole of the feet.
  6. Foot rotation is also considered a good way to improve the condition of the feet. Catch your leg from ankle and rotate it for some time in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. You should do this in a gentle way as by doing this the muscles get loosened up and get relaxed too.
  7. It is necessary that toes should also be cared properly. So you should pull and squeeze them gently while you massage your feet. Start with the big toe and go gradually to the pinky toe. This helps in relaxing the muscles present in the toes. You should also use your index finger of one hand to massage the gaps in between the toes. This should be done 2-3 times while massaging the feet.
  8. The arch of the foot should also be massaged properly. While doing any work pressure is always exerted on the arch and so it gets pain more than other parts of foot when you work a lot. Clutch your leg from ankle with one hand and use the heel of other hand for rubbing the arch of the foot. Rub 3-4 times and keep the pressure of the hand moderate. This helps in letting the tension out from the feet and they get loosened up.

Foot massage is required as by doing the work, legs get tired and needs some rest. The best way to relax them is to do a massage. Special lotions for foot massage are available in the market, so you can buy them when you are thinking for a massage. Take proper care of your legs.

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