Tips on Getting Fair Skin Complexion

by Lawrencia Jones

Fair skin girlEvery woman is different and they do have different skin tones. Some women long for a fairer skin tone while some women wish that their skin was bit more tanned. Mostly it depends on the type of environment and the type of genes that you have. Like in a hot country you won’t have to worry about getting tanned while in a colder region where there is less sun, you won’t have to worry about getting fairer skin tone. There are ways though which can help you to lighten or darken your skin tone. Some dresses and some makeup does suits a particular skin type only. In this article, tips on how to get fair complexion are mentioned which will help you to get fairer by simply following some easy  steps.

  1. Diet affects a lot on how you look. For having fair complexion, you should eat green vegetables and fruits a lot. Food which is rich in antioxidants should be taken as it helps in maintaining the complexion.
  2. Keep your body hydrated. It is necessary that you drink water in excess amount per day. At least 8 glasses of water should be consumed. Water helps in keeping skin smooth and fair.
  3. You should stay away from sun as far as possible. Sun rays can discolor the skin’s complexion. So it is advisable to wear gloves in hands and scarf to cover your face whenever you going out. You should also apply a sun screen lotion whenever you go out.
  4. Cleaning your face is a must thing. You should use a mild soap or mild face-wash to clean the face twice a day. This will remove the dead skin cells from the face and will help to make the skin glow.
  5. Use of tomato for getting fair skin is very much recommended. You can simply massage the skin of tomato over the face and body. You can also make a mixture of tomato and lemon juice by blending them together and applying it on face and whole body. You should keep this mask for at least 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. This helps to make the complexion fairer than before.
  6. Sandalwood too is recognized as a good thing in making the skin whiter. You should add up sandalwood powder, rose water and little bit milk to make a paste. Apply this paste on the face and after some time wash your face with water. This paste will help in increasing glow of the skin. You can use sandalwood in another way too. Like mix sandalwood powder and almond oil and apply it over whole body. After some time remove it by using cold water. Thus, sandalwood is very useful in making the skin glow and fairer.
  7. Orange peels and papaya are also very helpful in making the skin fair. Massage the face and body with papaya early morning and see its effect with regular usage. Your skin is intended to glow.
  8. Honey mixed with raw milk paste is also considered to be very effective in increasing the skin tone. Apply this paste on face, neck and body and keep it for around 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water or wash cloth. Regular use of this technique helps in brightening the complexion and also makes the skin soft.

Women with dark complexion or mild dark complexion seek tips and advices for making the skin fair. These tips will be helpful as the skin will become fairer, softer and smoother. These tips are not only for women with dark complexion, women who already have fair complexion but want to maintain it they can also use these tips.

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