Types of Hats for Women

by Lawrencia Jones

Women wearing black hatAccessories are considered a necessary thing if you want to look stylish. They can help you to define your style statement and make you look more gorgeous. Apart from clothes and shoes, it has now become a trend that every woman carries different types of accessories with her. Accessories like shoulder bag, bracelet, necklace, scarves, belts and others are generally chosen to be carried. Along with these things, hats are also considered to be the accessory which can help to look more beautiful. There are different varieties of hats available in the market these days. You can select any one according to your preference and it should match with your outfit too.

The different types of hats which are seen in market these days are as follows:

Fedora Hat. It the most common type of hat which is worn by women when going to some exclusive parties. This hat can be worn at day and night time. The brim portion of the hat is longer and so it helps to protect the eyes from the sun rays. Different types of bands are placed around the brim to make the hat look prettier. Different colors are available for this hat. You should select the hat which suits your face shape and body shape.

Beret Hat. It is one of the trendy and casual hats which has flat crown and can be worn by any age group women. Also this hat suits any face shape and can be worn all-round the year. It is round in shape and generally wool or acrylic fiber or any other soft fabric is used to manufacture this hat. Now-a-days many celebrities and models wear this hat for occasions as it gives a very cool and stylish look.

Cowboy Hat. This hat was first worn in early years but now also this hat is still considered as a style statement. Many women too, wear this hat but the places where you can wear this hat is bit restricted. The crown of this hat is high and the brim is wide and flat. Some hats with folded wide brims are seen in the market. This hat will look good only if you pair it with some cool jeans and top. Different colored hats like black, brown, pick, cream and with some colorful band or bow on the crown are seen in the market.

Bucket Hat. This hat has a wide brim and the brim at the back is of downward slopping kind. This hat is considered as a very casual hat and can be worn at any time & in any month of the year. It can be worn to protect the eyes and face against the sun rays as it has wide brim. The fabric used for this hat is hard like denim and it can be easily folded and carried in a bag. This hat suits most of the face shapes and can be paired with jeans, skirt and dress too.

Cloche Hat. It is also a very stylish and funky hat worn by women. It is bell shaped hat and fits tightly to the head. In some of hats, you can see a band, bow, flower or belt near the brim. But you can also see hats with rhinestones, jewels and other decorative material. This hat can be paired with simple jeans or tight fitted dress.

Along with the above type of hats, other types are Top Hat, Sun Hat, Paperboy Hat, Flat Hat and many others. You can choose any one according to your preference and which suits your face. There are many websites which sell hats, you can go through those websites too when you want to buy one for yourself. A hat as an accessory is great and can be used to add stars to your beauty.

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