Different Ways of Wearing a Scarf

by Lawrencia Jones

Blonde Girl Wearing ScarfWomen like to look beautiful. Latest and best clothes, trendy shoes/sandals are the things which they would like to buy. They would also put on some accessories like headbands, shoulder bags, hair clips/pins, bracelets, armlets, scarves etc as they too look trendy and make them more pretty. Scarf is one of the accessories which changes with trend. Now-a-days scarves of different types, different colors and different length are available in the market. Fabric used to make a scarf can be cotton, wool, silk, nylon, cashmere or any other. Also there are many styles which can be practiced to wear a scarf.

Some different ways in which a scarf can be tied are as follows:

  • Hang them loose under any collar shirt/t-shirt. This looks good on mock-neck t-shirts too. You can go with the printed ones too as they add beauty to the t-shirts. Pashmina shawls can be used as a scarf and this style can be tried with pashmina shawls too. You can keep one end hanging loose and the other end swept on the shoulders.
  • The other type of wearing a scarf is wrapping the around the neck. Hold the scarf in both the hands and put it around the neck from the front. Then bring both the ends of the scarf through the opposite shoulders in the front. This look gives a very fashionable touch to the appearance. You can go with the same color of the scarf as that of t-shirt you wearing as monochrome look is very-in these days. Also many celebrities now-a-days go with this style of wearing scarf as it is very easily done and also looks very stylish.
  • You can make a bow with the help of scarf and keep it hanging in the front. This look is very vintage but these days designers try out this look on models as they have to look different and gorgeous.
  • Choose a scarf which is in the size of handkerchief and tie it around the neck. Make a knot near the neck and keep the remaining of the scarf flowing down. This style allows you to wear tight or bit loose scarf near the neck. To create a good image you can angle the scarf either to left or right of the neck. This creates a new, refreshed look.
  • You can wear a scarf in such a way that it gives a bandana look. This means that you have two options of wearing scarf either on head or on neck. This look when tried around neck can also be named as triangular wrap. You can try on large square scarf to get bandana effect on the neck.
  • You can create a hacking knot with the scarf. It is necessary that if you want to try out this style then you should have a long scarf. Fold the scarf in two as per the length and then wear it around the neck. The ends which are loose should be taken out from the loop of the scarf and then tighten it. You can style either in right or left side of the neck. This style looks good and is very common these days.
  • Square knot is also one of the types of wearing a scarf. Middle sized and a square scarf is picked up. It is folded in a triangle shape and a knot is prepared from the ends. The knot is then tightened to complete this style. This is very simple yet effective way of wearing a scarf.

There are many other ways which you can try out by watching the way the celebrities dress, and other websites which gives you ideas of wearing a scarf. Scarf is used as a good accessory and can not only be wrapped around neck but can be tied on head, around waist in many different styles, thus giving you a new and stylish look every time.

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